[Moderator] Young Boy Bread's Application

Young Boy Bread

Potential at its finest
As a meme connoisseur, I can tell when certain behavior is dank or downright inappropriate. If I were appointed with the prestigious title that is moderator I would actively use all of my power to uphold the rules and codes of conduct within the Brawl Minus server. I believe my impressionable disposition and dedication to justice can make the Brawl Minus community great again. I also have a plethora of work experience that has equipped me with the perfect skills to take on the task of being a just, responsible, and swift moderator. Just take a gander at my coveted past titles and it will be obvious to anyone that I am overqualified for the position.

-2nd Grade Line Leader for a stunning 3 months in a row.
-Called "The man of the house now" by father multiple times when left home alone.
-Informed Peter Parker that with great power comes great responsibility.
-Over 9000 Good Boy Points awarded from my Mother over my 12 years pursuing public education.
-Best Hall Monitor of 2017.
-Voted most likely to moderate a discord server in college.
-Retired Supreme Court Justice
-Taught Paul Blart all he knows.
-Leading Moderator of over 69 wholesome swear free Christian Minecraft servers.
-And many other totally awesome yet humbly responsible things I have definitely done!

I am a responsible and handsome young man, I don't drink drugs and I hold the door for old women crossing the street. In all my years of breathing I have never once abused power given to me and I promise to wield my power with an iron yet just fist and allow good community behavior to flourish and let justice rain from above onto uncivilized, intolerable behavior. I eagerly await to hear of my acceptance and inauguration date into the office of moderator. Thank you all for your time! :^)
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Hi Young Boy Bread . Big fan. I think I've seen you walking around before. But anyway, I think I speak for the Brawl Minus community as a whole when I say that we would be honored to have someone as qualified as you to be our moderator. With the rise in dank memes and spam on the discord server, it's so hard to follow what's going on nowadays. But I believe if we had someone with your ability to moderate and enforce the law, then the server would be a much safer place for everyone. Thanks for offering your hand to help out.

You're gunna get rocked in 4.2 ;)