[Moderator] Fivavoa


Let's do this in order then:
1.) What experience do you have?
  • I've been a moderator for a few close community chats in Skype and Discord and have had plenty of experience dealing with disagreements, rude/rowdy people, and have had plenty of long discussions about the morality of how to enforce things within a simple community.
2.) How often are you on our discord server.
  • I'm on there extremely frequently and tend to lurk pretty often as well. I also communicate with the community often and as some of you may know, tend to contribute a lot in the Playtester chat as well.
3.) How long have you been playing Minus?
  • A little prior to the release of 2.X.6 and continually on and off ever since.
4.) Why should you be a mod?
  • As mentioned above, I've been exposed to a lot of deep ethics about moderation, even within a casual setting. I understand that while there is some fun and simplicity to be found in a community, I also understand and can identify when there is no clear goal and things are getting out of hand within a discussion. I've been through it all; drama, unreasonable, etc, so whenever the situation calls for it, I can give ample opportunity for reason and defense, but when there is a call for it, punishment can easily be brought without a second thought. With all this in mind, I can also say I'm a pretty reasonable and responsible guy, so I think I would be perfect for this. (Not to mention I'm also usually available when most are asleep, it helps cover options yknow)
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