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The Learning Star Warrior
Okay, if you've seen me on the server before, you probably know that I was a bit skeptical about seriously applying for a moderator-type role. However, now that moderators are being sought out, and a few people have requested that I give this a shot... Well, here I am.

In case you don't know much about me, hello! I'm Darxmarx, or Darx for short.

As implied before, I've somehow become a somewhat well-known individual in the Brawl Minus Discord server. I've been a vocal member of this community since mid-2014, and I started playing Minus years before that.

Call me oversensitive, but the Minus community has come to mean a lot to me since I've joined. I always try my best to help out people in the community whenever and however I can. It's why I'm happy to take .BRSTM requests, and also why I eventually made a basic tutorial on how people can create .BRSTMs for themselves.

Given the more recent drama in the discord server, and the apparent need for moderators, I'd be honored to help out in this regard, as well. While I may put myself down at times I tend to keep a level head when it comes to more serious issues. As much as I love to screw around in the server sometimes, I promise that I'd take my possible role as moderator as seriously as possible. I've never been a proper moderator in any other server or community before, but I'll work hard to be the best moderator -- and the best person -- I can be.
I just want to help lighten up everyone's day, and be there for people when they need someone to be there. This role as moderator would only allow me to help out with the server more than I usually can, and that means more to me than you may imagine.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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