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  1. unrelatedisme123

    unrelatedisme123 Minusaur Playtester

    Irving, TX
    B- FC:
    1) What experience do you have?
    • I was a mod of the Sea of Greed discord, the discord for a fan game about Waluigi. I also mod some of my servers from my school.
    2) Proof or references
    3) How often are you on our discord server.
    • I'm on there pretty much however long I am awake, I was inactive the last couple months because of college applications, but I'm done with those now so I'm back to being on discord all day.
    4) How long have you been playing Minus?
    • 4-5 years, whenever 2.X.5 came out.
    5) Why should you be a mod?
    • I am very calm and level-headed, and will never get riled up by others. I am good at managing heated discussions and drama. I also won't abuse mod powers, and can make good decisions on what to do on the server.
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