Link's Semi Infinite Combo (PATCHED)

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  1. _DX_

    _DX_ Technical Wolf Main

    Final Destination
    What you need:

    Explanation Buttons:
    A = Attack Button
    B = Special Button
    ( ) = Hold
    -> = Next
    L/R = Shield
    D = Dodge
    Repeat = Keep doing it

    How to Activate -
    1) Use any aerial or neutral attack and hold any special button
    Explanation: A -> (B)

    How To Perform -
    1) Keep the special button held
    2) Hold down shield and tap your analog stick to where Link is facing the opponent
    3) When the shield comes up, repeat tapping
    Explanation: (B) -> (L or R) -> Dodge Repeat

    How To End -
    1) Release every button input
    2) Down Smash

    If your doing it wrong -
    1) If you are spamming the dodge button, the opponent will SDI

    If your doing it right -
    1) If you are slowly tapping the dodge button, the opponent will not SDI

    GIFs (Credit to AGentleStar) (Correct Combo) (Wrong Combo) (Who it doesn't work on)
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