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Could you explain what attack you're referring to?


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Down air spike and down air chains. Yep, this move is great. When you say it kills to quickly, do you mean that it shouldn't?


exactly, the attack is devastating for someone who knows lucas control, I would change it for a down shot.

whatever they say, someone who can handle well, kills him



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Lucas has really poor recovery. He and ness are considered glass cannons.

Is it a friend of yours that plays Lucas really well? Do you have footage?


All attacks of send up, and Become infinite, It Should remove, and not think in putting them to anyone

im the player lucas

well, it's just a tip ...


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Far from it actually. There are still several things that are wrong. Lucario is still too good for instance.

The devs are just more concerned with bringing down the top tiers and fixing Roy, pichu and samus right now.

I don't think anyone has seen a great Lucas yet either. Have you played against anyone here yet?

Footage and replays would help to demonstrate your point.


give me time, I still have not squeezed minus, I am focusing on my custom for SD, only with The Concept, but the online was something wrong, well I hope to learn much from him. when done customizaje my sd me a photo and I will put my fc, because I'm going to take seriously minus

I did read there are some things for lucario samus etc, in the wifi power, good luck on the changes

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We had some good matches, Luna. Let me know when you want to go again.

Side Note: Am I the unofficial official trainer in minus? lol

Another Side Note: ...This is the Brawl Zeus section. I didn't realize that. Are we talking about Zeus Lucas or Minus Lucas?
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Oh wow.... I think everyone else was talking about minus Lucas and not Zeus..... My bad.

I don't even know what Zeus Lucas dair is. My input is invalid.


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I guess now would be a good time to join this conversation...

In Zeus, Lucas's dair is much more unique. It is a single hit that has high air ending lag when missed. However, when it connects, it sends Lucas into his screw attack animation and jumps upwards. The distance upwards is about equal to his midair jump. The attack also sends Lucas's foe upwards. This makes it possible for Lucas to continually hit with dair until his opponent is past the upper blast line.

The thing is, the enemy has limited DI when sent upwards. This can make it tricky for Lucas to perform an infinite dair string.