Ivysuar d-special problems


I know that in the hotpatch it says they fixed ivysuars d-special from going into his back throw animation or something. When I do it, it still does the same thing. It does the damage, drops the opponent then does the backthrow animation.

Is that really what it is supposed to do? Or is it supposed to do something else, and if so, exactly what? I have redownloaded it yesterday and replaced all the files on my sd card, but it is still the same. Can someone help me with this? Btw, I downloaded the vbrawl portraits if that helps


Equals Trash
Make sure to download on the front page. From my understanding you are downloading on the archives. Also if you want to make sure you have the hotpatched version it should either be like this (image below) or it should say 2017.
If it says 0509_02 you have the prehotpatched version.