Is Toon Link Okay?


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To be honest, although I like the idea of controlling which arrows you use, people would only ever use the light arrows for stun anyway. Not only does it stun them long enough to reach them, but it sets up for juggling, keeps the opponent from moving for a moment even after it wears off, and allows for easy offstage spikes. The ice, even if they remain frozen longer, is inferior because the opponent can act immediately upon breaking free, and the fire arrows offer nothing but damage, of which the other two can do, but have more benefits.

I'm not sure what they can do to fix them so they all work together with pros and cons.


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Thor said:
Some ideas...

- fire arrows have higher knockback (KO ~150% on lighter characters? earlier?)

- Ice arrows fling opponents in the direction opposite the way the arrow was shot every time and freeze twice as long (so if you shoot it so the arrow is travelling right, an opponent hitting it will be shot leftward - so toward where TL shot the arrow from). If you hit someone with the arrow, they stay frozen even longer (counter-gimps??? also more easy to suck them to you for extra damage)

- Change the "look around cluelessly" taunt to an arrow-switching taunt (can leave it looking exactly the same, but it has functionality) - the RNG is no longer a factor. His default is light arrows (the stun arrows or whatever) and you cycle through arrows by tapping the d-pad left or right during his "look around cluelessly" taunt. This taunt becomes cancellable at any time after the first twenty frames except with another taunt input (so that people can choose arrows properly).

So he'd be able to swap arrows like Samus swaps beams in P:M.

Maybe his non-light arrows need better buffs (that is, maybe they're still totally outclassed by light arrows), but this could make it that a TL can switch arrows for different effects as the situation requires.

As far as I'm aware, Toon Link will never be able to choose his arrows. Unlike Samus, his articles don't like being put on commands, even before I joined minus I spent about a year trying to make his arrows selectable and nothing worked at all.

As for the buffs, his Fire arrows are plenty strong as is. Ice arrows are useful as is. If they were made to slide foes in the opposite direction they would be difficult to use and completely useless off stage.


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Wouldn't ice arrows that slide ppl towards TL be very disruptive for people trying to recover? It would throw them offstage.

Also pointing out that you should fully charge arrows more. Those are always useful.