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    Is D3's down b useful for anything? It can reposition characters but doesn't offer up any combos or real follow ups other than spit into some waddles or off the ledge. I know D3 is topping the tier and doesn't really need anything else but it would be nice for his inhale to lead into something. Maybe Kirby's old grab cancel? Or just spit them further according to damage percent.
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    You can inhale-cide and fastfall it (unlike with Kirby), making it very effective for those cheese KOs. The ability to b-reverse it means you can also land with a command grab when you were facing the other direction, which is amazingly useful. It is another way to beat shields (and DDD aerials are not laggy by normal standards but they have some landing lag for Minus), gets him stage positon/stage control, and it even functions as a way to trade stocks. I don'the think it needs to do more.

    (And depending on the interruptibility, you may be able to combo his inhale into a waddle-based action, which would be really good for a variety of reasons, but I have not tried it myself.)

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