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So, what does No Sympathy Mode give Ike besides a powerful Eruption?
Stronger moves?
New attacks?


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NS mode causes all sword attacks to have a fire element and cause extra damage. Certain attacks also have a sort of flame shockwave that deal low damage but cause opponents to flinch. I recall fair, fsmash, and dsmash creating the shockwave. I don't remember usmash having it, but it might.
Also worth noting: Ike's uthrow gains the fire element and becomes more powerful.

Quick Draw (Ike's sideB) gains greatly improved knockback scaling, making it a better kill move if one chooses not to cancel it into another attack.

NS mode also adds a few new moves. The Flourish can be done if you hold B while countering someone. It doesn't connect reliably though.
Aetherial Eruption can be performed by holding B during the entirety of Aether. It isn't as powerful as a regular fully-charged Eruption, but it can still be used as a finisher during certain situations.
Finally, Ike can perform a super move known as Razing Eruption. Holding B during side taunt will perform this powerful attack.
also no sympathy mode just looks cool


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Wind boxes become flaming hurt boxes.

General power increase and fire GFX.

In the past, some attacks gained some cancel windows which I don't know if they still apply.

Self damage as a cost of having high power.

Max charge eruption for use at anytime.

Side taunt and hold B is razing eruption.

Up b plus hold B the entire time gives aetherial eruption.

Counter will fire normaly unless special button is held. Triggers Flourish combo.


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Razing eruption isn't a hold B input. Just press B once his sword is behind him.


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Oh, that.
It stores a fully charged Eruption and fully charging Quick Draw will create 3 explosions behind Ike that deal 15% damage (if I remember correctly) and have decent knockback.


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Actually, you can do triple eruption qd without nsm by fully charging it and sliding forward a bit.
Good thing i play Zeus.