Help with interesting tech/changes in B- for a YouTube project (details in the post)

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    So, for a long time, I've been trying to write a huge script for a Brawl- YouTube video. This video is all about the changes in B- and what could be best about it. All these changes are stage changes, mechanical changes, character changes, gameplay changes, all that jazz. I am using the Brawl- wiki. Some of these changes in the wiki are true, but the wiki is still unreliable. I'm reading off the wiki and then having to test it, writing it down in my own words with my own criticism and humor, and it's taking up so much time. It's still going well, but I want help from you all, the community. I'm not even close to done and I'm busy with other personal projects, but I'm still trying my hardest to get information, writing it down, and recording my audio (Which will be done after writing the script). I have 19 pages worth of this and I just got to Link (at the time of posting this, also I'm going down in order). That doesn't mean I have spent all that time with characters, I've done all the gameplay tweaks and all that, but I'm barely done with characters. If you have any changes, tweaks, or anything like that, please reply or DM me. Either is fine by me (though DMing me is the fastest way for me to see it). I hope you all have different and interesting mechanics in B-, as I'm still learning more any these changes too (like how you can cancel out of Lucario's up special). There's so much to say about this, but I don't want to write too much. I just hope you all share your findings, those that aren't cataloged in the wiki. Oh, final words, this video is aimed to make B- more noticeable to the masses. I am sad that it is so under thought, but if this doesn't do what is meant to, then that's fine. I always enjoy my time working, and if this doesn't do its job, I'm cool with that.

    TL;DR: I am making a YouTube video that is aimed to make this wonderful mod more noticeable. I need help from you, the community, to name some changes made to the game that is not cataloged in the wiki or character tech that is interesting. DM me for me to know faster, or reply to this post with your findings (either is fine). Please and thank you for your time.

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