Game freezes trying to load Wi-fi


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No idea why, but part-way through trying to load Wi-Fi, my game makes this loud buzzing noise and stops loading and I have to shut down the Wii (to a red light via holding power). It did it twice consecutively. I'm running 3.5 vanilla, and yesterday Wi-Fi ran just fine, so I don't know the source of the problem. I'll try the Wi-fi later, both to see if this re-occurs and to see if I can get more specifics. Have others been having this problem?
(I'm running 3.5 minus portraits as it came to me, and I use hackless.)


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The same thing is happening to me and it seems like it's not stopping either...

Doqtor Kirby

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According to Concept, "The word is the servers are down."
That wouldn't cause a beep freeze though. Just a 31020 error. It may be the way common5 was developed with the Minus portraits, as I use vBrawl's.

The Concept

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I'm not sure why it's doing it. I got onto the xat this morning and I asked what was going on and I proposed that the servers are down, due to the fact that it was not having this problem yesterday. I tested it to see if it was just Thor and Lightning having this issue today, but it also happened to me. The files haven't changed between yesterday and today, so I can't really see another source of the problem.