Fox: Remade! (4.0BC, Fixed 3/21/17)


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With this new update, Fox McCloud is ready to combo everyone back into B tier!
...Well, hopefully, at least.

Moveset Rework for: Fox McCloud

(Hey! Me again! Ya know, frame data guy?)

I got really bored with the way Fox works. He's barely like Melee Fox! Sure, he has Shine, and the noise, but what use is that if he can't do anything else? Some problems are just buffer. Hopefully that gets fixed next version!

Whoo Hoo!

Corruption is now fixed. Everything works as intended. Doesn't mean there isn't bugs!
Download is also just the .pacs you will need.

Walk Initial Velocity (0x000): 0.0 -> 0.1
Walk Acceleration changed (0x004): 0.13 -> 0.05
Walk Maximum Velocity (0x008): 2.3 -> 2.15

Jump V Initial Velocity (0x038): 3.59 -> 4.55
Hop V Initial Velocity (0x044): 2.57 -> 3.6
Gravity (0x064): 0.175 -> 0.29
Terminal Velocity (0x068): 1.831 -> 2.36
Fastfall Terminal Velocity (0x084): 2.5634 -> 3.304

Edge Jump V Velocity (0x0FC): 3.8 -> 4.7
Walljump V Velocity (0x168) 3.3 -> 4.4

'Meh' quality Melee-like animation
Frame data is effectively the same

'Hover' effect removed
5th hit possible to get from fullhop

Hits 1-4:
Moderately strong hits not intended to link (but probably can at low percents)

ID = 0, Damage = 4, Angle = Sakurai, Base Knockback = 55, Knockback Growth = 110, Size = 6 (Foot)
ID = 1, Damage = 4, Angle = Sakurai, Base Knockback = 55, Knockback Growth = 110, Size = 5 (Knee)
ID = 2, Damage = 3, Angle = Sakurai, Base Knockback = 55, Knockback Growth = 110, Size = 4 (Hip)

Hit 5 (Has a stronger, electric hitbox on his foot that sends at a slightly lower angle)
ID = 0, Damage = 7, Angle = 35, Base Knockback = 70, Knockback Growth = 115, Size = 6 (Foot)
ID = 1, Damage = 5, Angle = Sakurai, Base Knockback = 55, Knockback Growth = 110, Size = 5 (Knee)
ID = 2, Damage = 4, Angle = 145, Base Knockback = 55, Knockback Growth = 110, Size = 4 (Hip)

'Meh' quality Melee-like animation
Now a sex kick, fully Sakurai. The very beginning is stronger than the rest

Sped up by 1.3x to match Melee speed
Attempted to give similar hitstun to Melee
70 Base Knockback, 43 Knockback Growth

Moved the hitbox (Strong and weak) up to his head instead of his body
Walljump window changed from 1 frame to 10 frames

Shine (DownB Hitbox)
Size: 6 -> 7.5 (To match Melee)

IASA Frame 35 (out of 46)

IASA Frame 38 (out of 48)

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Nice job on creating this! It's always fun to see others' custom builds, especially when they make noticeable changes to movesets.
Keep in mind that I'm not a native Fox player, so my feedback may not be as insightful as others.
First off, the animation changes are pretty nicely done. Even though utilt's animation change is all that it received, I appreciate that it adds to the Melee-style you're going for.

If your emphasis was really just to make Fox resemble his Melee incarnation more, then your changes to fair get the job done nicely. Making the final hit actually have more meaningful knockback is pretty neat. However, I think I prefer Minus' fair as it is, as its hovering effect and combo allows for some movement/positioning shenanigans as well as a follow-up into an uair or some other aerial maneuver.

The bair change is rather interesting. The Melee bair combined with your Fox's physics mesh together nicely. I wouldn't mind trying it out with Minus Fox's physics, either. Honestly, I'm not enough of a Fox player to say which bair, Melee's or Minus', is more useful overall, but I do enjoy the bair you have implemented.

Every other change I'm pretty indifferent to, as I simply do not know enough about Fox in general to make any bold judgment calls. I'll leave it up to others if the shine, usmash, and dsmash buffs are truly warranted.