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    Pin Clock Project Leader Minus Backroom

    RULE #1: No posting illegal content
    Breaking the Limits is more than welcome here, but breaking the law will be banned on sight. No piracy, including distribution of Super Smash Bros. Brawl ISOs, modified or otherwise, will be tolerated.

    RULE #2: Do not post inappropriate or offensive content
    No porn, we don't need to know what you're in to. This applies to anything else "Not Safe for Work" as well

    RULE #3: Do not be rude to other posts
    I'm sure a lot of us here love Brawl Minus and love talking about it, but don't be disrespectful towards your fellow users. Trolling, flaming, baiting, and similar activities are prohibited.

    RULE #4: Do not post topics that can easily lead into arguments.
    This includes Religion, Politics, and the Great Pumpkin.

    RULE #5: No Alternate Accounts
    If you make an account here, that is your account. If you get banned, you are banned. Alt accounts will be banned permanently. If your normal account was banned and you made an alt, your ban will be extended, banned permanently, or your IP will be banned, depending on the circumstances.

    RULE #6: Do not discuss banned users on the forums
    Questions or concerns regarding banned accounts may be brought to the moderators in private messages. Do not make posts talking about someone receiving a ban.

    RULE #7: No spam/Advertising
    Basically, don't act like an annoying spambot who just constantly links to suspicious websites or repeatedly forces its content on others. You are allowed to show off something you have done, simply make a thread about it, and leave all discussion about it in that thread. Feel free to show it off in your signature too!

    RULE #8: Stay on topic!
    Post topics in the appropriate forum and keep threads on topic. Every thread will always have some natural derailment, but try your best to keep it on-topic. If you feel that a subject brought up needs to be discussed, feel free to create a new thread!

    RULE #9: Do not bump really old threads
    If a thread hasn't had a post in over half a year, the discussion is likely long gone, and is potentially dated/referring to an older version of Minus. If you wish to discuss the subject again, feel free to create a new topic for it!

    RULE #10: Do not double post
    If you have a point to make and you already hit the post button, don't make another post. if you've made a mistake or have more you wish to say, simply edit your previous post. Exceptions can be made if you are creating something and have an update, but this may not always be the case.

    RULE #11: Do not mini-mod
    Don't try to police other users on the forums for their behavior (EX: "Hey guy, you double posted that's against the rules!" "This thread should be locked!").

    RULE #12: Do not shield other users from punishment
    If a forum member violates a rule, it is your duty as members of the community to report them. If you are found actively covering up for an offender, you will be punished too.

    RULE #13: Do not post personal information of others on the forums
    No doxxing. These posts will be deleted on sight. You may share your own information, but always be careful when making that info public!

    RULE #14: Do not discuss leaked content
    As secure as our dev team is, there are times where unannounced information gets out. If this happens to you, keep it to yourself. Discussion of leaked information is strictly prohibited.

    If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM!

    ~Pin Clock

    Rules last updated on 4-23-2016
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