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    Apollo v0.7 | Poseidon v1.1

    Given that the majority of the Zeus community (and it's developers) are Japanese, the text below is a Japanese translation of this OP.

    ゼウスのコミュニティ(およびそれの開発者)の大半は日本、2 番目のポストはこの開口部のポストの日本語訳。

    There was this one day I was playing Brawl Minus Zeus. I noticed that Melee Final Destination was playing F-Zero music. I said to myself 'why is this?' Turns out Zeus had no music. So POSEIDON was created.

    Only Page 1 stages were placed in POSEIDON, primarily because I have no idea where some of Page 2's stages come from.

    If you want POSEIDON, you can grab it at the Dropbox link at the end of this post. Instructions are inside, not like you needed any, but just in case. A track list is also provided below and in the included text file.

    乱闘マイナスゼウスを遊んでいたこの1日がありました。乱闘の最終的な宛先の F-ゼロ音楽を遊んでいたに気づいた。私は自分自身に言った'これはなぜ?'ゼウスが判明音楽がなかった。だからポセイドンが作成されました。


    ポセイドンの場合Dropbox のリンクこの記事の最後につかむことができます。手順の何かを必要がないだけの場合中、に。トラックリストはの下と含まれているテキストファイルも提供されます。

    Download POSEIDON | ポセイドンをダウンロードします。

    [B03] Theme of C.Viper <Street Fighter IV>
    [B04] Bubsy Theme <SSB Crusade>
    [B09] Crumbling Laboratory BGM <Street Fighter IV>
    [D03] Native Faith / xi-on
    [M01] Fountain of Dreams <Kirby Air Ride>
    [M02] Fountain of Dreams <SSB Melee>
    [M03] Fountain Gardens <Kirby's Epic Yarn>
    [M04] C-R-O-W-N-E-D <Kirby's Return to Dream Land>
    [M05] Lost Track [st_normal.brstm] <Kirby's Return to Dream Land>
    [M06] Landia Level <Kirby's Return to Dream Land>
    [M07] Butter Building <Kirby's Epic Yarn>
    [M08] King Dedede's Theme <Kirby's Return to Dream Land>
    [R03] Yoshi's Story <SSB Melee>
    [W04] Final Destination <SSB Crusade>
    [W06] Super Event <Kirby Air Ride>
    [W07] Gourmet Race <Super Smash Bros.>
    [W27] New Beginnings / Feint
    [W30] Main Menu A <Street Fighter IV>
    [X01] Unconscious Words / IZMIZM
    [X02] With You (Menu Version) / IZMIZM
    [X03] <Untitled Track> / Feint

    [I01][I02][I03][I04][I05][I06][I07][I08][I09][I10][R09][W18] I don't know. If you do know please let me know. ):

    e~ I forgot to mention. I can make a Minus adaptation of this pack if there is enough demand for it.

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    So I did put something here. This is a project I've started right after I finished POSEIDON. If you were to boot vZeus 2.3, the menus and CSS leave a lot to be desired. So I made Project APOLLO. APOLLO is a menu, CSS, SSS, and info hud in the Zeus style. Hopefully. At least it matches.

    だから私はここで何かを入れていた。これはポセイドンを完了した後右始めたプロジェクトです。バニラゼウス2.3 を起動した場合、メニューとCSS希望されるたくさんを残します。プロジェクトのアポロを作りました。アポロはメニューのCSS、SSS のおよび情報ゼウススタイルでの hud の。うまくいけば。少なくともそれと一致します。


    Get it while it's hot! | それが熱い間、それを得る !
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