[Custom] Powered-Up Pikachu! Featuring Extreme Quick Attack and Charged Thunder.

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  1. I like both Extreme Quick Attack and Charged Thunder.

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  2. I like Extreme Quick Attack, but I dislike Charged Thunder.

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  3. I dislike Extreme Quick Attack, but I like Charged Thunder.

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  4. I dislike both Extreme Quick Attack and Charged Thunder.

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  1. Bent 00

    Bent 00 Longtime Limit Breaker

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    I've got a new Customized Minus fighter for you to try out -- It's time Pikachu got some attention! The Electric Mouse Pokemon has been well-rounded in Brawl Minus for a long time now, but I thought that it was missing some truly "special" features like other characters have. So, I Buffed Pikachu's Quick Attack and Charged up Thunder.

    Extreme Quick Attack
    • Named after Lucario's ExtremeSpeed, because it can now be used twice in a row without landing if you use it from the ground first. Just like it's namesake!
    • Pikachu can use its Double Jump anytime in-between or after the two possible instances of Extreme Quick Attack, so its aerial combo game gets a big boost.
    • I shortened the endlag of Quick Attack so that moves other than regular Attacks (which Pikachu can Cancel into instantly) can be used more quickly afterward.
    • Pikachu no longer gets stuck in Special Fall after Quick Attack, now that it's Extreme. Special Fall is Cancelable into anything!
    Charged Thunder
    • I wanted to give Pikachu a special taunt, and a powerful move like Captain Falcon's Instant Falcon Punch. So now, Up Taunt is Charge!
    • I slowed down the taunt to about the same length as Falcon's charge. There's no option to do the old regular-speed version, because Pikachu would never NOT want a Charge.
    • I'm not 100% certain that Charge needs any armor, but I went ahead and added 6% damage-based armor from the moment you hear "Pikaaa" to the moment the Charge is completed, when Pikachu says "Pi". I did this so that Pikachu can still Charge in spite of fast, weak projectiles (like Falco's regular lasers), and because "Charge" also raises Special Defense in the Pokemon games, so it makes sense canonically.
    • Once Charged, the next time one of Pikachu's Thunder bolts connect with its body, it will unleash an extra-deadly Thunder, with new graphics, sound effects, 1.5x damage, and 2x hitlag!
    • Pikachu will flash light blue to signify it is Charged, and this status will not be lost until Charged Thunder is successfully unleashed.
    Technical Info

    I will add this section later if anyone really wants it. I'm still a PSA Novice, so I'm sure my PSA work is not perfect... but these tweaks seem to work, and that's enough for now.

    Background Info

    I originally started working on Extreme Quick Attack for Pikachu because I think ExtremeSpeed is too overpowered on Lucario, who can zip around like a bird with that move. Since that feature is unlikely to be changed officially, I was curious to see if giving similar qualities to other characters' Specials (mainly Up Specials) would make them feel equally broken.

    It's probably too early to say for certain, but my first impression is... Surpisingly, Extreme Quick Attack does not feel as cheesy when spammed, as repeated use of ExtremeSpeed does. This could be because Lucario is a much floatier fighter, or because it retains momentum flying out of ExtremeSpeed, while Pikachu starts falling as soon as its warping animation ends. I have wondered if I should make Pikachu's momentum carry over like Lucario's does, or if I should add a brief aerial pause after the warp ends... Haven't tried either of those yet.

    At any rate, I feel like Extreme Quick Attack actually has the potential to be balanced, while ExtremeSpeed still needs to be toned down. I think that no single move should dominate a fighter's moveset as much as ExtremeSpeed does Lucario's.

    Extreme Quick Attack's original purpose was to show how cheesy ExtremeSpeed is, but maybe this concept CAN work after all. For me, at least, what started out as a demonstration of "why ExtremeSpeed is Broken" turned into a pretty fun tweak to Pikachu's Up Special. Will this new take on the move prove to be just as obnoxious as spammed ExtremeSpeed is? Or is it actually fair by Minus standards? Try it and tell me what you think!


    To use, access your SD card (if you play on a Wii system) or sd.raw file (if you play on Dolphin), and go to Minusery > Fighter > Pikachu.
    You'll see a file labeled "FitPikachu.pac". This is the default 4.0BC Pikachu.
    Rename that file -- something like "(4.0BC Default) FitPikachu.pac" will do -- and leave it there. Do not delete it!
    Now download the "(Powered-Up Pikachu v1) FitPikachu.pac" file I linked above, and put it in the same folder, then rename it to "FitPikachu.pac". All done!
    You'll need to switch the files back if you want to play online with others who have default 4.0BC Pikachu. Otherwise, you will desync.

    Disclaimer: I made these tweaks for fun, and because I wasn't quite satisfied with default 4.0BC Pikachu. I'm sharing them here in the Custom Mods section so others can try them out if they would like. I am not trying to push my changes onto anyone, or suggesting these tweaks should be made into Official changes. Please try to keep any criticism constructive and polite. Comparison of Custom Mods to Official Brawl Minus is inevitable, but I ask that you not bash one or the other too much. Thank you.

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  2. Bladewolf_Darknight

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    Downloading right now, it's a shame that no one sees or uses these custom mods.
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