Competitive Stage Data List

Young Boy Bread

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Stage selection in tournament is usually centered around what play styles or interactions you want in your next game. Easiest way to know what you want is to ask some questions before you start banning/picking stages. Do I want a big stage so I can move around more or do I want a smaller stage so my opponent can’t escape my pressure? Do I want large blastzones so I can live longer or do I want smaller blastzones so I can kill earlier? Does Stage X offer walls/platforms to assist my recovery? Does Stage Y have a certain structure that benefits my character? Does Stage Z help the opponent's character?

Those are just some basic questions but it is also very important to think about the overall MU in mind when picking a stage. You also have to be aware that any element of a stage can also be used against you. Sure you might want larger blastzones to live longer as Jiggs, but do you really want to take a Peach to a stage with large blastzones when she could benefit from it and is already hard enough to kill? Sure you might want walls in order to aid the recovery of Fox with wall jumps, but do you really want to give a Captain Falcon (a more wall-jump dependent character) access to walls?

The most important things to consider during stage selection are stage size, blastzone size, platform layout, main stage structure, and MU specific play style (not necessarily in that order). Basically you just think of any preferences or elements of a stage that can most assist you while not assisting your opponent as much.**

I decided to compile a bunch of data for stages that have been legal in tournaments and for stages I feel can be given valid arguments for being legal. The type of data recorded in this doc includes stage sizes, blastzone measurements, abnormalities and transformations, and a bunch of other helpful information. I invite everyone to test my findings too if they seem off. I'm not a big participant in the competitive scene myself right now, but stage information like this is really invaluable and can help players a lot in their stage banning processes. Thanks a lot for reading kiddies.