certain stages not working


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i don't know if i downloaded a bad version (
i noticed that after reloading last time, i no longer had the "yoshi-train"-yoshi's island melee stage, the frozen over newpork city, or the cave thing in dialga's spear pillar (**they're now the yoshi's island melee just without those tow spinning block platforms from vanilla, and new pork city is saffron city, and dialga spear pillar doesn't have that cave**)
), but for a while now, a lot of stages i try to load crash the game:

-luigi's mansion
-mushroomy kingdom -day (also, the underground one just loads a black screen where the floor and walls and everything are practically invisible, but the characters showed up)
-lylat cruise
-ice climber summit
-and i think flatzone, but i forgot :p

Other Aether

Sounds like you have another conflicting mod. Is Project M or something also installed on your SD Card?


Just a dood with ideas
No, not the same one... I do have a few codes added to brawl minus's, like custom stage freedom, and infinite smash balls, but these stages didn't work before I added these codes either


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Verify you have the correct module files for those stages.
THey may require something for those slots, if not, make sure Minus isn't replacing those slot's module files.


Just a dood with ideas
alright, i'll check that out, but probably tomorrow since with the update coming up, i might not need to..