Brawl Minus REFUSES to work on Wii

Discussion in 'Having Trouble?' started by Matt17, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Matt17

    Matt17 New Member

    Alright, I've exhausted all my options, time to try this.

    I recently got homebrew on my wii, and almost everything worked. Custom Mario Kart Tracks worked. Nintendont worked. Browser worked.

    Any and all version of Brawl refuse to work.

    Every single time I try to launch Project M or Brawl Minus, it just launches Vanilla Brawl. I unzip the file, copy/paste it into my SD card, and every time I go to launch it in GeckoOS or in homebrew, it refuses to work and launches Vanilla Brawl.

    I even bought a flash drive and put a Brawl .iso on there, and even USB Loader failed me. When I launched it in USB Loader, It just sent me back to the hombrew menu screen.

    I've scoured forms, seen every tutorial, and worked on this for days. Nothing works. Ive tried projet m and this separately and together, but it never seems to work.

    If anyone can fix either method, please try, because I just want to play a decent version of Brawl with my friends here!
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  2. snaksel

    snaksel New Member

    got the same problem, need help :(
  3. PickL

    PickL New Member

    On the moon
    try using minimalauncher

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