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Actually just the general ruleset thread that is sticking around I can't change Thread Titles help
Last Updated 7/15/2021
  • 1v1 Tournament, Brawl Minus 4.2-0104 (This can be verified on the main menu)
  • Items are set to Off and None.
  • Stock and Time are set to 4 stock and 8 minutes respectively.
  • Sets are Bo3 until top 6 (winners semis, losers quarters), where all are Bo5
  • Blatant stalling is not allowed, and what is stalling is up to the TO. If offstream, explain the situation as best you can.
  • Suicide Rule: If a match ends by both remaining players losing their last stock at the same time due to a suicide move (EX: Flame Choke, Galactic Crusher), the results screen determines the winner. If both players die at the same time, replay that match with one life and 3 minutes of time, using the same characters on the same stage. Any Sudden Death match is strictly not to be played. If both players die to a suicide move in the 1 stock rematch, then the initiator loses.
  • Blind Picks: The first character selection of a set must be without prior knowledge of the opponent's character selection for both players. This is usually done by both people DMing a 3rd party, such as a TO.
  • Dave's Stupid Rule: You may not counterpick to the previous stage you won on. Gentleman's clause: Any stage may be played on so long as both players agree to it, including banned stages.
  • Pausing: Pause should be turned off. However, if the game is paused, the pauser shall lose a stock no matter the game state unless the other player allows them to keep it.
  • Timed out matches will be determined by the remaining number of lives, then percentage of the current stock. In the event of a percentage tie, replay that match with one life and 3 minutes of time, using the same characters on the same stage. Any Sudden Death match is strictly not to be played.
Stage Rules
  • Order of events for a set Round 1: Both players blind pick their characters. Then, each player strikes 2 stages, and the last stage remaining is chosen. The strike order is 1-2-2-1. To determine strike order, use a single Game & Watch Judgement (side b). Higher number strikes first. Round 2 (and onwards): Counterpick stages can now be selected. The Winner of the last round bans stages (3 in a Bo3 set, 2 in a Bo5 set), and the loser of the last round can choose any remaining stage to play the next match on. AFTER stage selection, the winner of the previous game selects their character, then the loser selects their character.
Starter Stages:
  • Battlefield
  • Final Destination
  • Pokemon Stadium 2
  • Smashville
  • Spear Pillar
  • Yoshi's Story (Melee)
  • Warioware
  • Lylat Cruise
Netplay Specific Rules
  • Limit one person to one computer (If two people would be using the same computer, only one of them is allowed to play)
  • Technical problems: If someone is having technical problems (lag, desyncing, updates, etc.) they will be given a 15 minute timer to fix issues. After that, if the match cannot be played out, the player with issues will be DQed. This will only be allowed once per set, and 3 times per tournament as a whole. We understand things happen, as this is an online event, but we must move things along.
  • Players must have their Discord nickname or username be the same as the name in the bracket. If it is discovered that no names match, your Discord nickname will be changed for the event.
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Pretty sure that was supposed to be 1-2-1 not 1-2-2-1 but otherwise nice post.

Pin is probably listing player order, that is, P1-P2-P2-P1.

While I had always seen 1-2-1 before 1-2-2-1, I don't know if there's actually a standard for how it should be expressed [besides just saying it in words, as Pin did].