Brawl- 4.0bc Stage Tiers and Shenanigans

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So, since there isn't a relevant stage thread for 4.0bc, imma make one. stages, returning stages, hmmm? I like. Let's talk about them shall we?

The tiers are generally based off three key factors:

  • Popularity; how often the stages are played within the known playerbase. This determines which stages are easily recognizable both for casual and competitive alike, and the preference of the stage's mechanics and originality both in and out of combat.
  • Freedom; the area size and ratio of stage/platform to blastzones. This determines how safe characters are from blastzones when in combat. This includes floor length, obstacles such as walls, slopes, vertical/horizontal platform placement, stage space, and blastzone space.
  • Balance; whether a stage prefers certain character playstyles over others or not. This is to determine whether a stage is legal if considered in tournament play. By general rule of thumb, if a stage has no character advantage, it is neutral and thus can ONLY be considered as a starter pick-the first stage of the set. If a stage is slightly tilted in a character playstyle's favor, it can ONLY be considered counterpick for that character. If a stage is heavily tilted in certain character playstyles over others, it is banned from all toruney play. Tournament legal stages usually change depending on the tier list in any fighting game.

So there you have it. Discuss, provide positive/negative info on all stages, show off videos of you being awesome because of a stage, and/or make your own tier list. Have fun!!

**Seriously guys, the last post for Brawl Minus stages was in June for 4.0b, and that was in June! It's currently the beginning of November, needless to say. Remember, relevancy is key to the improvement of Brawl Minus! Dai, dai, andiamo!! (Italian) :p