Aqua Jet Hitbox


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I think this needs to be looked at. The move is cool and all, but the hitbox feels so tiny that I find myself watching the stream of water visually hit someone but do nothing. The actual hitbox only seems to be a small square right under the initial point of expulsion when visually it should be the whole jet. That or make the jet smaller to match the hitbox if that's too broken.


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From what I understand, the hitbox does actually cover most of the move, but you want to get it to hit as close to squirtle as possible.

Anyone have a replay to demonstrate?

The Concept

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I agree. Very hard to tell where the hitboxes are. Newb is also right, one would want to use it as close range as possible. Almost like an alternate footstool, with very slightly better reach. I'd like to see a change either in hitbox or the visual representation of the attack.