A New Evolution: Brawl Minus 4.0 Update!

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Minus Backroom

Hello, Brawl Minus community!

The wait for Brawl Minus 4.0 is almost over! Soon enough, you will be able to play Brawl Minus faster than ever before, with many new options, tons of new stages, costumes, and even a new character! We in the backroom are busy tinkering with the finishing pieces of the game, but we have now come along far enough to where we are able to reveal our biggest news! A new playable character!

This gen 1 Pokemon, who has been mysteriously missing from the Minus roster for the longest time, has finally arrived! Its powers unlocked through a mysterious stone, you will now be able to shock your foes and stun them with a powerful array of psychic attacks! He may not be so good in other games, but here, this Pokemon is a real monstrosity to be feared! Without further a due, I am happy to introduce our newest fighter!



In addition to this, we have a slew of other changes that we are excited to finally be able to tell you about! Unlock the true brokenness of many fighters with these changes to help break their game even further!

Fallspeed increased, everyone now has the gravity of a rock
Hitstun decreased .533>.13
Overall game speed can now be increased by pressing fast forward on your TV remote.
cBliss expansion added!
-Every character now has Mr. Saturn, Ditto, Gooey, and Mewtwo colors

Metal Mario
Using the Metal Mario taunt will allow him to remain metal for the rest of the stock

Mashing it over and over will allow you to hover horizontally in the air

Now comes out 1 frame earlier and has super armor for the first 5 frames

Luigi Missile
Now explodes on contact with enemies

Super Jump Punch
Will now play "SHORYUKEN" sfx on successful sweetspot

Luigi Tornado
Now has powerful windboxes all around the move

Spore sfx replaced with belch sounds
Spores inflict Tiny status, which is only curable by getting hit by Toad again

Peach Bomber
Now coin element

Turnip pull
Can now pull Star Rods, Warp Stars, Starmen, Golden Hammers, Bonsly, Waluigi, Nana, and Snorlax

Size has been increased once more
Global 10% Heavy Armor restored

Royal Rampage
All throws have explosion gfx added
When thinking of how we could possibly make Bowser's Royal Rampage any cooler, we decided to take a few pages from Michael Bay and put in explosions. Give Bowser some sunglasses on top of that and you have the coolest character in exitence.

Galactic Crusher and Flying Salami
Bowser can now always decide where he wants to go
Bowser can survive what would be otherwise suicidal tosses

Donkey Kong
Inputs modified to be more compatible with the Bongo controller. (DK Bongos not included)

Donkey Punch
Now replaced with Storm Punch from SSB4

Now has a 50% chance of pulling a spring
Is now invulnerable while using this move in the air

Diddy Kong
Base knockback modified
With the new properties, it should always link into an aerial. we suggest using it with uAir.

Increased KBG, should now be a combo move at low percents and a kill move at high percents

Peanut Popgun
Explodes when shield-cancelled

Third flutter jump added

Now always YOSHIFOOT strong

Damage increased from 20%>28%

Damage increased from 3% per hit>5%

Ground Pound
Momentum reverted to vBrawl
When Yoshi cancelled this move before, he had only jumped marginally higher than a normal jump. Now with this momentum reversion, Yoshi can fly to the moon like he's always wanted to.

Wectoring added
Wario can now act freely on the Results screen

Is now stronger than Lucario or ROB or Dedede or any of them wish they could be. This is to satisfy the dev team's desire to increase the standards for power when one member pointed out that Link couldn't do all that much.

Now comes out on frame 2

Now deals 40% damage

Hero Spin
Fully charged Hero Spin will now have a hitbox covering all of Final Destination

Bomb Pull
Speed reverted to x2 fsm from x1.5
Deku Nut chances increased from 1/19 > 1/15

Mortal Draw
Now comes out on frame 20

Now wears magical boots on her hands to enhance the power of uSmash, fSmash, Jab, and fTilt.

Automatically swings the Chain while slow walking

Warlock Punch
Feel free to make up your own jokes about this one.

reverted to a fully charged Super Scope shot in every way shape and form

Flame Choke
Now slides all the way across FD
Can now cancel into Flame Choke in the air at any time, rather than at the end of the move

Crawling removed
Fuel Rod Cannon radius and ammo-per-round increased

Zero Suit Samus
"Be still" taunt makes foes be still

Ice Climbers
Nana now controlled by the port directly after the one they were selected in. If selected by P4, loops back to P1.

Amount of jumps increased from 2>4

Multi-laser restored, can now shoot lasers until he gets hit or lets go of B.

Gyros have been replaced with minature spinning ROBs.
Minature ROB amount increased from 1>3
Miniature ROBs will now shoot Multilasers when ROB does.

Now has infinite mid-air jumps, but can no longer attack while performing mid-air jumps

Meta Knight
Mask is invincible
Removing the mask makes him die

King Dedede
Inhale now eats all Food items on stage instantly

Pikmin & Olimar
Olimar has been removed from the game.
Everyone finds this character really annoying and after years of trying we just couldn't get him to work right. It was a hard pill to swallow, but we realized the only way to fix him was to take him out. We're sorry, Olimar...

- Foxtrot now crosses FD in two uses
- Dashdancing too much will tire Fox out and put him to Sleep

Lasers have been replaced with bread
Bread cannot be consumed by foes.

Reflector replaced with a pizza cake
No longer returns to Falco. It is a pizza.

Pummel is now Falco pecking at the victim's face

Howling will grant you a combo break and allow you to use your roll or triple slash twice in succession

Captain Falcon
Running off a ledge gives Falcon a short boost of speed

Size has been decreased so nothing can hit him

Now has Lightning Rod: immune to electric attacks, and amplifies Pikachu's own electrical attacks.

The long awaited Gen 1 pokemon capable of using devastating Psychic-type moves (Agility, Rest, and Light Screen, anyways) has arrived! Mostly known for being the previously retired Pikachu from 64 and Melee (Pichu is the Pikachu in Brawl), Raichu returns with powerful throws and a combination of Electric and Psychic attacks that will blow your foes away! Make them quiver in fear with our newest fighter, coming soon!

Immune to Rayquaza's non-projectile attacks

Hitbox increased to be the size of Hyrule Temple

- Much faster on the surface
- Can dive briefly by fastfalling
- Hitbox when jumping out
-Can no longer drown

Standing on Grass floors slowly heal Ivysaur

All tail sweetspots do 50% now
If Charizard's tail gets hit by Water, Charizard will lose a stock

Aura now maxes out at 999%
Aura power now maxes out at x10

Tiara absorbs energy projectiles

If Ike is in a team match, all of his attacks are 25% stronger, 50% stronger if his teammate/s are eliminated

Movement & Miscellaneous
-Crawl Added
- More dust during idle and ground movement
- Eyes appear to emit light

- Fists are bigger

- Better range in front
- New far hitbox flings opponent away slightly

- More hits with less damage to link better

- Higher shield damage

- Pops low-profile opponents into multihits on startup

- Fists are bigger

Clown Cannon
- Better initial speed and range
- Less startup before charging
- Gust variant always at max size
- Gust variant rapidly damages during active frames
- Charging Gust variant increases active frames
- Piercing variant can be angled up (45-degree), but also footstooled

- Less startup time
- Sets down closer to Roy
- Time-based self-destruction stronger than triggered ones
- Big variant can't be picked up, but moves slower
- Impatient variant can be Smashed to throw two (one at each side), but has more startup

Bat mode readded
Press A when taunting to make Ness transform into a bat! Spooky!

Stick Mode Lucas added
You become a stick and cannot move until you leave the mode. Great for mindgames!

Mr. Game & Watch
Emits a faint glow corresponding to the colour you picked

Crawl is effectively a slither
All attacks against Fox and Sonic are stronger
If Snake is eaten by any character, they will become Snake Eater

dThrow leaves the foe incapable of fighting until they lose a stock

Snake can no longer he hit while in the box

Hitbox Readded
No rework
That's it

Stage Expansion Pack re-added!
All the stages in the new Stage Expansion Pack are Hanenbow and Hanenbow retextures

No longer has ledges, to emulate the Melee feel

Delfino Plaza
Collecting a Shine Sprite ends the match

When playing as Meta Knight, hold R to take control of the ship! Meta Knight; "Leave it to me!"

New Pork City
Ultimate Chimera readded

All drawings replaced with what people actually drew while using it.

Fountain of Dreams
Grabbing a Star Rod will trigger a battle with Nightmare!


Our release is coming very soon, so be on the lookout for more information!

See you soon, and always remember to BREAK THE LIMITS!
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ah april fools. what a lovely day you are.
altho reading some of those changes and adding raichu sounds fun.


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Leave it to the Minus team to make something like this.

Not even sure if Raichu is a joke or real.


Just a dood with ideas
Snake slithering sounds like it would be hilarious xD haha I wanna see that and now maybe a grab that looks like he's wrapping himself around his opponent like a boa constrictor


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I was reading the description and was hyped for Mew. Raichu is acceptable though.

Should have buffed IASA frames on Yoshi usmash [only BC and I know how broken that would really be].

The SHORYUKEN would actually be cool, but copyright issues.

Link's jab still too slow.


clearly since this is minus, every build prior to this was actually the joke and the real release will come out on next year's april first

Lucis Perficio

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Really wondering how much of this is an April Fool's joke. I expected info today, but I mean info... lol

Don't mind Olimar actually being removed. His Pikmin dealing as much knockback as they did was rather cheap, though I feel he could have been reworked.
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Also I'm surprised no one has commented so far on Falco being nerfed. Does the dev team hate me and owo so they nerfed him?

No actually suprised no one has mentioned the Roy changelog talking about Smash 4 Roy. @Pin Clock do I win something for being the first to comment on that?


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When are we adding Goku and SAO?


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can you actually implement the control on results screen? like in max onslaught falcon you can dance around and ko the guy who beat you on the results screen, and I think something so silly would be great in minus

Bent 00

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can you actually implement the control on results screen? like in max onslaught falcon you can dance around and ko the guy who beat you on the results screen, and I think something so silly would be great in minus
That's funny until you freeze the Wii ("BEEEEEEEEEE...") by going too far off-screen.


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I like how Roy is literally Bowser Jr :p Also, this was too funny:
"dThrow leaves the foe incapable of fighting until they lose a stock"

Damn April Fools.


Would it be possible to load this as a WBFS for USB Loaders?

I know how to do that, but since BrawlEx is a pain for USB Loaders I wouldn't get Roy, Raichu, and Pikachu in the game..

If not I can use MinimaLauncher with my modified multiple mod booter, (thanks to the SDHC Extension Code I can have one single SD Card for mods..

Bent 00

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In retrospect... No offense, but I think the best April Fools jokes are ones that are at least semi-believable.

Obviously fake ones like this fall flat, in my opinion.

If you actually make this joke build a real thing, then it's totally redeemed.

I'd rather you not waste your time with that, though.


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Where's the buffs to Toon Link? That changelog says nothing about him. I'm not sure to think if he's cut from the cast or that he's just there to get destroyed by every other character in the game. In this case, i'll have to change my guide on how to play Toon Link. Here's a sneak peek of what I got so far.


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Where's the buffs to Toon Link? That changelog says nothing about him. I'm not sure to think if he's cut from the cast or that he's just there to get destroyed by every other character in the game. In this case, i'll have to change my guide on how to play Toon Link. Here's a sneak peek of what I got so far.

Nah. I am good with the Brawl Minus 3.Q Toon Link.
I think Brawl Zues Toon Link is good, too.
But Brawl Minus is much better.
I hope they make it so the arrows actually go straight.

Come on. I hope diz b jk


I loved that snake eater joke. Thank you team, for not always being serious and having fun with the fans every once in a while!