4.0BC Waluigi Feedback Thread

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Waluigi's CSPs are freaking amazing and even more reason for me to use him. You beautfiul bastards.


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having a complete list of Waluigi's moveset would be nice, given that he's the first 100% new character.

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I personally think Waluigi's great. Hes got pretty good combos (Especially considering how easy it is to link a move with Up B to kill off the top) Hes got a pretty good mixup game as well. Also, hes just fun all around. It fixes pretty much all the problems I had with the original Waluigi mod. Also bonus points for being able to Dair someone to the Shadow realm. Now I wait for him to be selectable as my main.

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Only got to test Waluigi a few minutes, but I'd like to note that:

- His voice does seem a bit too quiet in-game.
- None of Waluigi's victory animations have SFX, while Mewtwo's do.

It would be nice if someone would write up a detailed moveset guide for our new fighters.


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Waluigi's absolutely fun to play as, but I don't really see him as a particularily strong fighter at his current state.
All of his horizontal movement options are slow and make approaching a chore. Alongside his poor horizontal movement, his up b brings up a couple of other issues. I'm not sure if it's really intentional, but it's almost impossible to combo a sweetspotted fair into up b, as Waluigi doesn't move horizontally enough during the move. Maybe it's all because he's a parallel of Luigi, but eh, it doesn't really work well for him.
I suppose you could say he doesn't feel Minus-y enough.


His breakdance is almost annoyingly fun to use.. Though I probably wouldn't like it if someone fought me with just that..

I feel like Waluigi is almost completely stuck using his ground game when dealing with smaller opponents; his shorthop goes so high, though it could just be comparative to Luigi; referring back to a previous point: he doesn't really have the necessary running speed to compare to other characters when on the ground. I suppose the breakdance somewhat compensates.

I get what his B is supposed to do, but with pushing a character offstage in mind.. the hitbox is awfully small.


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I'm guessing [based on the other comments here] that there's a way to make Waluigi move during dsmash? I didn't think to look for it when I tried him...

The only things I noted in the few games I fought bots were that dair is a hilariously effective meteor smash and that up+b seems fairly powerful. Some of his other moves felt awkward to use but considering I'd literally never played him before, that seemed like it would occur anyway.

I'd be interested in testing him out later I guess, but I've been kinda busy, so that may be why I didn't notice that he can move during dsmash [and other tricks he probably has].

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I don't see much use to his down special besides halting aerial momentum. On the ground he does his Hihachi spin and punches, but the startup step doesn't cover enough distance imo for the uppercut to be useful. When he does the leg sweeps, it is cool, but I don't see it doing enough damage, and since it trips, most of the time the opponent is able to role before Walugi finishes the move, assuming one of the first few sweeps come in contact.

I'd like to see more horizontal movement with his down special-> uppercut, that's for sure. Also, I feel there is too much ending lag for his aerial down special-> air kicks. The attack's hitboxes are very small, the attack doesn't come out very quickly, and it has a good amount of ending lag to leave him open to be punished both during and after the animation.