4.0b Captain Falcon. Good enough to save Jody?

Discussion in 'Captain Falcon' started by Kien, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. Kien

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    Basically, is Falcon perfect as is? I don't use him at all so I can't really say that I know what feels right or off on him. I imagine that the physics changes would've actually improved him but who's to say? Give me your feedback, so that I may perform miracles if needed.
  2. Guhnasher

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    As a Brawl Minus Captain Falcon main, my opinion? 4.0b Captain Falcon is indeed perfect as is.

    With Falcon's ability to reliably combo every character in the cast to oblivion, given the Falcon player's ability to read/react to DI is decent/good, he makes for a rightfully intimidating match-up for every character in the cast. Having said that, and at least with my crew of Brawl Minus players, Falcon is also rather susceptible to getting trapped in a combo himself, even with good and perhaps optimal DI. Basically, Falcon has the ability to combo you from zero to death while all Minus Falcon players should take heed; Falcon can and will experience the same thing. This is just my opinion, of course.

    I can type much more about my thoughts on Minus' iteration of Falcon with topics, such as my personal experience with Falcon's character match-ups, Falcon's ability to deal with projectiles, Falcon's recovery, Falcon's move set, etc. I will, however, save that for a potential future post in this thread.

    I hope this post/feedback at least somewhat helps.
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  3. Destructo

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    Completely and totally agree. Honestly, They should balance the cast around C. Falcon.
  4. Kymaera K1ng

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    Make his FSpecial a combo move please, that's IT. Other than that he is perfect.
  5. Bent 00

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    The only change I'd make is removing Rapid Jab from A>A>Z. It's too easy to trigger it by accident when you mean to Jab>Jab>Grab.

    Oh, and make the "Falcon Force" pull effect start on frame 90 instead of 99.
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  6. Turk Injaydii

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    THIS!!!! Rabid jab is literally ALWAYS an input error for me. Gentleman is always the preferred option in ANY smash. You never see Falcon throw out rapid jab intentionally in competitive play. Jab 2 to grab, however, is VERY common. The current button mapping of rapid jab makes it easy to "rapid-jab-misinput," though.

    I'd honestly be completely fine with rapid jab being removed all together. Only smash game that has desirable rapid jabs, imo, is Smash 4. Infinite rapid jabs in Melee and Brawl aren't optimal and most often result in a punish opportunity for the opponent.
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