10 Years of Minus: The Beginnings - A 2.X.6 Tournament!

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    To first celebrate 10 years of Brawl Minus, we must go back to our roots...On March 14th, 2020, at 6:00 PM EST/3 PM PST, we will have our first 2.x.6 Official! Experience all the limitless power from this past version on our stream! It's a completely different ballgame than 4.2, so be prepared!

    1. Download the our Netplay Build (created by Doq) IF YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED BEFORE 2-22 YOU MUST REDOWNLOAD here: https://forums.brawlminus.net/threads/brawl-minus-2-x-6-netplay-edition-current-release-ii.1434/
    if you need help setting it up, please let us know in the Brawl Minus Discord and we will be happy to assist!
    2. Register for the tournament here: https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/C8d4xhvDsp
    3. On March 14th 2020 from 5:00 PM EST/2:00PM PST-6:00 PM EST/3:00PM PST, check in for the tournament on the same link you used to register!
    4. Go to the chat here to meet up with the other participants: https://discord.gg/wkxu7f6
    5. Once the tournament starts, find your foes and play your games!

    You will also be able to watch the tournament live on our Youtube channel here!

    Now, for the rules!

    • 1v1 Tournament, Brawl Minus 2.x.6 (The main menu should mention Netplay Edition V2)
    • Stock and Time are set to 4 stock and 8 minutes respectively.
    • Regular sets are best of 3 matches. The semi-finals (winners and losers), finals (winners and losers), and Grand Finals sets will be in best of 5 format.
    • In the Grand Finals, the entrant from the Winner's Bracket has to win one set of best of 5, while the entrant from the Loser's Bracket must win two sets.
    • Blatant stalling is prohibited. What is considered stalling is up to the Tournament Host to determine.
    • Suicide Rule: If a match ends by both remaining players losing their last stock at the same time due to a suicide move (EX: Flame Choke) then the initiator of the suicide move is considered the winner of the match regardless of what the results screen says, and no tiebreaker is played.
    • Blind Picks: the first character selection of a set must be without prior knowledge of the opponent's character selection for both players.
    • Dave's Stupid Rule: No player can counter pick a stage he or she has previously won on unless agreed upon by both players.
    • Gentleman's clause: any stage may be played on so long as both players agree to it, including banned stages. This can be used in tandem with Dave's Stupid Rule (DSR).*
    • Timed out matches will be determined by the remaining number of lives, then percentage of the current stock. In the event of a percentage tie, replay that match with one life and 3 minutes of time, using the same characters on the same stage. Any Sudden Death match is strictly not to be played.
    • At the end of a match, if the winner is changing characters, they must state so and do it before the loser changes characters.
    • Limit one person to one computer (If two people would be using the same computer, only one of them is allowed to play)
    • Players must have their Discord nickname or username be the same as the name in the bracket. If it is discovered that no names match, your Discord nickname will be changed for the event.
    Round 1: Each player strikes 2 stages, and the last stage remaining is chosen. The strike order is 1-2-2-1. In other words, one person strikes one, the second person strikes twice, and the first strikes last.
    Round 2: Counterpick stages can now be selected. The Winner of the last round strikes 3 stages, and the loser of the last round can choose any remaining stage to play the second match on.

    • Battlefield
    • Final Destination
    • Pokemon Stadium 2
    • Smashville
    • Dreamland N64
    • Temple+
    • Rumble Falls+
    • Fountain of Dreams
    • Yoshi's Story (Melee)

    The prize for the winners of this tournament will be Coupons that can be used to purchase commissions from Pin Clock!
    1st place: $30
    2nd place: $20
    3rd: $15

    In addition, The top 3 players will get a Discord Role for their respective placement.

    teh br0xxorz lol
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    What is different in 2.x.6 from 4.2

    I figured I should make a second post to clarify some game changes between these two versions just so everyone knows a little of what to expect going in

    Gravity is lighter
    Hitstun is increased (.52 Hitstun instead of Version 4.2's 5.0 Hitstun)
    Several buffer related functions have not been added yet
    The code to change controls at the CSS does not exist
    Perfect Shields do not reflect

    Pichu, Roy, Waluigi, and Mewtwo are not in the game

    No Firebrand
    Metal Mario comes out faster
    Double Fireball in the air

    no Thunderbrand
    You cannot cancel Missile's charge
    Sweetspot and Sourspot UpB have the same GFX and sound

    Peach Bomber has early cancels
    Turnip Pull has a different pull list
    Down Air does not meteor if A is held
    Dash Attack cancels into everything

    10% Armor on Everything except when in hitstun
    Royal Rampage is performed with A+B
    Fire Breath is B
    Bowser does not have Galactic Crusher.
    SideB does not bury
    DownB falls slowly if held
    Cannot cancel charging a Forward Smash

    No zAirs
    Egg Roll does not bounce in the air
    You cannot cancel DownB
    All of his smash attacks and his pummel are Flower element

    Wario does not gain fart momentum when pressing A after using most moves
    Down Air does not last forever when held
    Wario does not fart if you pressB during side taunt
    Instead of Cratestipation, Wario has Waft.

    Side Taunt can heal 5%, and will heal into negative percents
    Up Taunt will spawn a Franklin Badge
    UpB grants less height
    Forward Smash's windbox is huge

    Most of the cancels on his aerials are gone

    Captain Falcon
    Falcon Punch has a weaker hitbox with plenty of range
    To charge PAWNCH!! you must use up taunt down taunt up taunt
    Falcon is invulnerable to projectiles with Raptor Boost, and he will always do the uppercut at the end regardless of if it hits or misses

    No Jump Cancel on SideB
    nAir can cancel into any aerial, including itself
    Reflector is a bit less stupid

    UpB goes further and kills better
    nAir functions a little differently

    Ice Climbers
    (Nana refers to the partner climber, regardless of costume)

    Nana can move while charging Smashes
    nAir can cancel really fast
    Ice Climbers cannot move while using Blizzard
    Nana's Up Tilt does not have increased hitlag

    A+B performs Ending Blow, but it may just
    Arrow types are random
    Deku Nut is pulled at random and at full power

    Toon Link
    Toon Link only has Fire Arrows. These stay on the ground forever until someone hits them.
    His Boomerang is fire element on the way out and Flower Element on the way back
    Forward Smash is a single hit move
    Bombs are standard
    Up Taunt has a windbox at the end

    Zelda does not have teleport cancels
    Her forward tilt is standard
    Down Tilt's second hitbox goes below the stage
    Zelda does not fall down rapidly if she holds A during up air, nor does she have landing hitboxes
    Forward and back air's second hitboxes have different distances
    nAir can cancel into any aerial, including itself

    Sheik has 3 jumps
    Sheik does not have exploding needles
    She does not have the stun whip
    Sheik can turn invisible with dash attack just by dodging/air dodging. This lasts until your next attack (except Jab) or until Sheik gets hit

    Warlock Punch can cancel its endlag with anything. Eat your heart out.
    Warlock Punching a shield will probably kill Ganondorf in addition to breaking their shield.
    Ganon does not have Gerudo Dragon

    Kirby can cancel inhale with a grab
    The projectile on UpB sends foes away rather than towards

    Meta Knight
    Meta Knight has his Brawl jab
    Up Throw is not a kamikaze move
    Meta Knight can only use one special per air time (you can still jump and attack if in Special Fall)

    Dedede cannot command his Waddles.
    Neutral B is Inhale
    DownB is Jet Hammer
    Forward Tilt sends foes towards Dedede
    Pressing an attack next to a Waddle will throw the Waddle

    HIYAYAYAH into grab

    Ice Missiles
    Charge Shot doesn't stun nor can it be charged in the air
    Bombs are Brawl
    Up Smash only freezes

    Zero Suit Samus
    spawns with Armor pieces

    Has normal Brawl jumps
    Side Taunt is Gravity, which drags foes down and can be cancelled into Sing
    Sing's range is large the whole time
    Rest heals 25% regardless of if it hits or misses, and can heal into negative percents

    No limitations on UpB
    downB is Double Team's counter instead of Focus Energy
    Lucario has Aura again

    Pokemon Trainer
    Exists. Don't choose Squirtle, Ivysaur, or Charizard on the CSS unless you want to gimp yourself.

    No Aqua Jet
    Most attacks involving his shell have super armor
    nAir is Brawl's

    No Giga Drain
    All powder based attacks are Flower Element, and their range is increased
    No limits on Ivycopter
    Razor Leaf critical hits are at random

    No Flare Blitz. Side Special is Stealth Rock, which is buffed compared to 4.2
    No Blast Burn. Instead, his neutralB is Flamethrower.

    CountEruption: If Eruption is fully charged, you can cancel Counter into it.
    Windboxes everywhere

    Pikmin do not follow Olimar. If Olimar uses an aerial he will pull one of his Pikmin, however.
    Pikmin Smashes can be used if they are in the air, and Up Smash can be cancelled quickly.
    DownB kills all Pikmin
    If all Pikmin are dead, Olimar is Solimar
    Solimar has Self Toss for SideB (the inspiration for Pichu's Fling/Wild Charge) and an unnnamed move that pushes him up for UpB

    ROB has 4 jumps
    Robo Beam has longer start-up, but fires multiple beams in a gatling gun style. This function only happens on the ground.
    Fully charged forward smash also fires a straight beam, without consuming your charge.

    Game & Watch
    Chef is also fast
    Judge has no cooldown, so most judge effects can lead into another Judge.
    There is no tap/held function on Down Air

    Sonic does not have Boost or Bounce Attack.
    More things can be cancelled into Taunt then they can in 4.2, like Dash Attack.

    Spear Pillar is vBrawl, which is why it's not legal.
    Smashville does not give you a round of applause when you pop the balloon
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