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  1. Takoy

    Characters I would like to see in Brawl-

    I want pidgey
  2. Takoy

    Brawl Minus 4.0bc Feedback Thread

    Hey! I'm speaking for both myself and a friend, XPAND, here. We played a ton of 4.0b and have been playing BC at least once a week since it came out. Being casual and semi-competitive players, we do have a few things to say about BC. First I'll talk about stages: I'm not sure if it was...
  3. Takoy

    Mod This Mod: Replacing Character Costumes (with Lists)

    I've had issues in the past with that not saving everything I do. Honestly, the main reason for this is to share my resources just to make things a little big easier on other modders.
  4. Takoy

    Mod This Mod: Replacing Character Costumes (with Lists)

    This is the first guide I will be posting, more will come. Links to resources at the bottom. ______________________________________ ------------Replacing Costumes in Brawl Minus---------- What you need: BrawlBox (newest version, .77 as of 9/10/16) Any build of Minus (guide for ver 4.0bc)...
  5. Takoy

    Brawl Minus 4.0 Changelog Preview!

    I gotta say, I'm very excited for the update. The changes will all be nice, but being able to play subspace is going to be great.
  6. Takoy

    The "You got outplayed" Thread

    A buddy of mine managed to tech my Warlock Punch at temple, bringing him to 800%. He proceeded to jump off the right side to jump down to the caves of life, and proceeded to miss the input of his up-b and die. He outplayed me, then outplayed himself
  7. Takoy

    Brawl Minus Main Survey

    I personally believe Gannon to be one of the most popular, he seems to be the essence of brawl-
  8. Takoy

    Some Changes

    So as of now rollout-rest is still in the game? Oh boy that makes me excited