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  1. Junior_Z

    Is Pichu too small? Check this pic and vote!

    You guys need to stop being baited by SilverStarApple. Bent, Player-03, myself, and others have given numerous examples, both practical and theoretical, of the polarizing consequences of Pichu's size. Silver has provided...nothing. This pointless "You guys are crazy!""*insert gfy* is misleading...
  2. Junior_Z

    stuff won't copy over

    I was having the same issue until I tried extracting with WinRAR. 7-Zip would probably also work. Hope this helps!
  3. Junior_Z

    inspiration from smash 4?

    Smash 4 Upsmash would be nice, the current one is only good for killing grounded opponents.
  4. Junior_Z

    Is Pichu too small? Check this pic and vote!

    Personally I would like to see that new size implemented but I saw there were some concerns from Pin and co. since the size chage would mean that they would have to mess with the model, with no modeler to fix any distortions that would come with it. So, as an alternative, I would like to suggest...
  5. Junior_Z

    Ice Climber's infinites

    If I'm not mistaken you can tech footstools in this game.
  6. Junior_Z

    Is Pichu too small? Check this pic and vote!

    Collected some more footage of silly things Pichu can get away with that he shouldn't be able to. Honorable mentions go to Pichu dodging Falcon and Zero suit's jab and the second hit of Yoshi's jab (Yoshi's jab issue happens with Kirby too), as well as links neutral/forward bomb throw and...
  7. Junior_Z

    Quick Draw Change(?

    I'm 99% sure that jab doesn't cancel Ike's momentum, unfortunately. I've fiddled with Ike a bit and i have to agree that you tend to not get much off of QD cancels because of the momentum, which is arguable Ike's most important tool. Perhaps instead of cancelling momentum whenever you cancel...
  8. Junior_Z

    Elliot's 666% Challenge

    Thor's probably thinking how much easier this challenge would be with the Warlock Cancel.
  9. Junior_Z

    Spreading Brawl Minus

    Arizona (AZ) has a steadily growing scene as well. At one of the four major Smash venues we host Brawl Minus tournaments weekly (only $1 entry until we garner more support) on two days of the week. I have a cheap capture card that I use to record footage but it's low quality (360p at best), so...
  10. Junior_Z

    Roy 4.0b Feedback Thread

    Since many people seem to agree Roy is a lower-tier character, let me throw out a few ideas for potential buffs. Less endlag on ftilt, projectile moves faster. This would give Roy a semi projectile that he could space with to help his lackluster neutral. Higher angle, less KBG on sour dtilt...
  11. Junior_Z

    High Quality Rips, in .BRSTM Form?!

    Fantastic. Just so you know, I had to rename the file to just 'X02' in order for the game to read it, but the loop works perfectly!
  12. Junior_Z

    Eagerly Awaiting 4.0f

    Eagerly Awaiting 4.0f
  13. Junior_Z

    High Quality Rips, in .BRSTM Form?!

    This seems pretty cool! Let the song play out til the end loop point, loop from 0:45 to 1:13 Replace the Brawl Main Menu Theme Question: Are we limited to rips from SilvaGunner, or can we request songs from other sources? Thank you!
  14. Junior_Z

    Brawl Minus 4.0b is here!

    Essentially it is a chatroom tailored for gamers. You need invites to join new servers, so join the Brawl Minus server here:
  15. Junior_Z

    Roy 4.0b Feedback Thread

    I'm not so sure about less KBG on upthrow, since it's not like you'd be using it to combo outside of chaingrabs...but if that's the case, you would want lower BKB, I'd imagine? Anyways, upthrow is a half decent KO throw when you catch someone on platforms, i'll leave the combos to f/dthrow...
  16. Junior_Z

    Is Pichu too small? Check this pic and vote!

    Pichu should be small. This I can agree with. Pichu should be smaller than Pikachu. This I can also agree with. Pichu's ability to dodge attacks with his small stature without even needing to crouch, however, I do not agree with. Ignoring all of the rising shorthop aerials that have become...
  17. Junior_Z

    Community Replays for Character Intro videos!

    I've got a few clips using a few different characters. Here you go!
  18. Junior_Z

    Kirby Hat Suggestion Thread

    Falcon hat gives Kirby the taunt-enhanced Falcon Punch. Give it a cooldown time or make it a one-use powerup if that's too OP :P Fox inhale gives Kirby wavedashing and lasers that shoot twice as fast. Samus inhale gives Kirby partially charged shots by default, can still be charged. Toon / Link...
  19. Junior_Z

    Brawl Minus 4.0b Bug Report Thread

    I read it, but 'reverted to vBrawl' is ambiguous if you havent played vBrawl before. That coupled with the fact the it was a vBrawl version and not vanilla Temple, which is appeared to be, led me to believe that it was unintentionally loading the default Temple. My apologies!
  20. Junior_Z

    Brawl Minus 4.0b Bug Report Thread

    The 'Temple' stage loads the regular Temple instead of the modified version. Is this intentional?