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  1. Glyph

    A Suggestion for the Future of Brawl Minus

    Let me clarify, its great that so many talented players are getting into the play testing. I'm saying that those builds, after THIS much time, may as well be available to anyone who wants to play minus instead of leaving them in limbo forever waiting for a 4.0 that frankly might never come at...
  2. Glyph

    A Suggestion for the Future of Brawl Minus

    Open the back room content to the playerbase entirely. Look, the notion of a back room has accomplished nothing lately save for alienating new content from the few people who are truly dedicated to the mod and its success. As someone who's been part of said room, I get it. It feels really cool...
  3. Glyph

    My thoughts on ROB

    For the record, my ROB was frustrating to play against cuz I'm stupid good with ROB. I beat Wadi with him in smash4, and Wadi is prob the second best mewtwo in the world. Took 7th at a Xanadu, 2nd at the Arcadian off the top of my head too. The only busted thing ROB ever had was multilaser and...
  4. Glyph

    New Ideas for Existing Characters (Including New Ideas for Possible Future Projects)

    Oh my god there is no way How long has it been? It has to have been over a year now
  5. Glyph

    Brawl Minus 4.0b is here!

    There isn't a single character in minus history I think that could be called 'unviable'. Some characters are better but never by such a huge degree that it couldn't be overcome by being a better player. This isn't accounting for niche MUs of course. Minus' balance mentality has been poisoned by...
  6. Glyph

    Brawl Minus 4.0b is here!

    It would feel like a huge cop out, considering how long its been to even get the beta version out
  7. Glyph

    Project Ganondorf

    Never change, Bent. Not that you need me to tell you that <3
  8. Glyph

    Falco's Up+B

    Why not just reduce the size of the hitbox that protects him when he's charging it to make him easier to gimp instead of solutions that take small novels to explain?
  9. Glyph


    I'll have to check that out, around what time marker is it?
  10. Glyph


    Finally got around to watching/listening to the archive, and I've got something really blunt to say but bear with me. Listening to 3 guys talk casually like this is super boring. You guys don't really have any direction or give me the impression you have anything beyond 'we need to talk about...
  11. Glyph


    Was the call archived? Is there a link?
  12. Glyph

    Announcing Brawl Minus 4.0!

    I like how you have the explanation for why things were changed in the same lines where you try to say there was no reason lol. Wario's bike was changed as a nerf to his recovery. Falco's dair is buffed to be the best version it's been, which was the melee iteration. The fox blaster thing I used...
  13. Glyph

    Announcing Brawl Minus 4.0!

    The problem isn't that people are afraid it would be too good (it would almost never come up), it's that it doesn't make any sense to do. No one's ever been in a teams game, hit their ally, and thought 'what the hell, my fire punch HURT him? Why didn't he heal?' If there were a problem where...
  14. Glyph

    Super Smash Bros. 4 Discussion

    Any vote not for Issac is just incorrect.
  15. Glyph

    A New Evolution: Brawl Minus 4.0 Update!

    Had me going until this part No not really you dummy
  16. Glyph

    Bi-monthly developer talks

    I thought the point was staying more in touch with the community more so than a means to show what you'd been working on? I dunno though.
  17. Glyph

    Announcing Brawl Minus 4.0!

    'Borrow some codes'? Didn't they do a whole spongebob episode about that just being stealing? PM is PM. They definitely have some incredible stuff, but that's part of what made them great. We're not going to rip off their hard work.
  18. Glyph

    Can we get Ganondorf's up+B to be meteor-cancellable?

    Yeah, so don't get caught by ganon's side-b offstage. That has never been a good idea. Now its a SUPER bad idea.
  19. Glyph

    Can we get Ganondorf's up+B to be meteor-cancellable?

    Not infracting anyone, but just a warning. This thread is about Ganon's up b. This is not about certain adjustments other people have made. On topic, if you get caught offstage with Ganon's side b you prob deserve to lose a stock. If he can pull it off where he gets his upb off as well then...