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  1. Compadre_Goyo

    C-Stick to Attack makes turnaround tilts turn into jabs.

    Is this even a bug, or an intended mechanic? I played Brawl - years ago. But after Smash Ultimate, I decided to come back. I cannot function properly without using C-Stick as tilt attacks. But doing a left tilt when facing right will do a jab instead of turning right and side tilt attacking to...
  2. Compadre_Goyo

    Where are you from?

    Originally from Puerto Rico. Currently in Florida. Yah I kno. Not much of an upgrade.
  3. Compadre_Goyo

    Animator looking for further guidance

    Yo' sorry about the terrible delay. I ran into some personal existential problems along the way. Tomorrow I'll be building myself a computer. I'll be installing Minus, Discord, and anything needed. Can't wait to know what you guys will show me!
  4. Compadre_Goyo

    Animator looking for further guidance

    Never in my life, but I'll make an account. This week I might be a tad bit busy, because I need to polish my animations to present them at MegaCon. But as soon as the MegaCon finishes, I will certainly get in touch with you guys.
  5. Compadre_Goyo

    Community Request Thread for the next version after 4.0BC

    Ey yo' what's poppin'? I know you guys have plans for cosmetics, but here's a list I thought could be worth considering. Mario: I feel like the green/yellow Mario is the least appealing, and deserves at least one recolor. I'd give a kidney if I could see Home Depot Mario (3rd/5th picture)...
  6. Compadre_Goyo

    Animator looking for further guidance

    Hey guys, how's it going? Sorry for the upcoming wall of text, but I am truly invested, and would love to participate in the community for the first time. First off, you guys are certainly not getting the minutest of appreciation or attention for the kind of work you're putting. This is hands...
  7. Compadre_Goyo

    This kong has a funny face

    This kong has a funny face