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    Kien's Custom Minus Build

    Nobody has said Charizard is OP. Kien is saying that Charizard has some areas that could use balancing, to make him a more fun and fair character to fight against. A character can be unrounded without being OP.
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    Favorite cartoon shows

    inb4 MLP I myself really like Penguins of Madagascar for no particular reason. Internet is too slow to stream though, and there's no cable or satellite...
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    Spear Pillar?

    Have you edited any of your common.pac's at all? That shouldn't be the issue, since a missing file would just cause it to revert to vBrawl, but if there is a corrupted file that relates to Palkia/Dialga that could potentially happen.
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    3.Q Feedback

    It would be interesting to remove their Down B for a move that makes Nana wait in place and do nothing until pressed again, at which point she would go about her normal routine. Don't care for Blizzard anyways.
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    As a matter of fact, I DO want to read your fanfic.

    As a matter of fact, I DO want to read your fanfic.
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    Would you mind putting that video in your Signature in [spoiler] tags? Many people including me...

    Would you mind putting that video in your Signature in [spoiler] tags? Many people including me get serious lag trying to load pages you've posted on. Thanks.
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    Brawl Minus 3.Q is all Qued up and ready to go!

    Those are some Quality Q-words, I see you're feeling Quasi-intelligent. You have not Quite Quenched my thirst for Q-words, so I will have to set off on a Quest to find some more. I see you are Quailing, Quaking and Quavering, so I will Quell this Quagmire of Quibbling immediately. I have just...
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    Signiture kills/combos?

    Meta Knight has some really fun combos. One of my favorites is dTilt>Dash Attack>Reverse fTilt1>SHFFL dAir>Dash dTilt>uSmash>FF nAir>Mach Tornado>uAir>uAir>uAir>uAir>uB If done right it can OCKO many characters, provided they have a little damage on, and you read their DI. Obviously requires...
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    If only the Backroom would stop squabbling with each other and work together for the good of...

    If only the Backroom would stop squabbling with each other and work together for the good of Minus. Stop perpetuating this petty tug-of-war.
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    most underrated character(s).

    Peach is underrated. Yoshi is underrated. I could try to prove it, but my wifi is too laggy to even connect. I really should get back to the brawl minus scene (I've got characters just waiting to be coded), but my recent 3 week vacation kind of threw me off.
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    jiggs did a waveland...?

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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    Brawl Minus... I'M HOOOMMMEEEE!

    Well, for a Melee minus, you really have to be mindful of combos. Combos make the game go around, and you might think you're buffing Fox by making all of his attacks stronger, but in truth you'd just ruin his combo game. All changes must be done tactfully and with care on how they'll effect the...
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    New Olimar...

    Olimar is one of those characters who can completely devastate you until you learn to counter him. A classic example of this is Melee Jigglypuff, who can sweep a newbie off the edge in one blow and then WoP them to death if they're not careful. Just practice against him, and eventually you'll...
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    Report All Stage Bugs Here.

    Unfortunately, that won't work. Most of the stages with this issue have this camera because they were imported from Project M. As such, there isn't a previous version of them with the vBrawl camera. Your best bet is to find a vBrawl Cam version of these stages on Brawl Vault and use the .rel to...
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    That's what I meant.
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    I think of it like Pichu is in permanent NSM. What if you could toggle self-damage in exchange for losing a little damage with the electricity taunt?
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    [Koder] The Doqtor Kirby (Hope I do good!)

    That's because it's P2P connection, which means that you're not connecting through the server. The server connects you to your partner, so then the only limits are your internet, your partners internet, and the strength of your connection (distance and such). Since there is no server reliance...
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    Competitive Discussion

    It has range and control, so you can (situationally, mind you) use it for stuns locks leading into team combos, and trapping both opponents.
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    ~Happy Birthday~

    ~Happy Birthday~