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  1. Mawootad

    Dolphin crash

    What's your OS?
  2. Mawootad

    Question about required SD card

    If you have a non-SDHC card you can launch through stage builder in Brawl, otherwise you need homebrew channel installed.
  3. Mawootad

    Question about required SD card

    If you're running hackless (loading via stage builder) you need an SD card that's 2GB or less, but if you're running through homebrew channel SDHC is fine. Other than that you need an SD card that's large enough to hold Minus. I don't remember how big it is off the top of my head, but I don't...
  4. Mawootad

    How to play Minus on Dolphin

    Are you seeing the gecko launcher and does it have a purple theme? If the first one is no then you aren't actually loading the launcher, you need to double click it or select it and then hit play, otherwise you're just launching Brawl with no modifications. If the second one is no your sd.raw is...
  5. Mawootad

    Can't figure out how to stop desynching

    Huh, I always found that Dolphin took several minutes longer than the standalone application I was using.
  6. Mawootad

    Can't figure out how to stop desynching

    Sounds like either the sd card images or the brawl isos are mismatched. Check your brawl iso checksums (I'd suggest downloading a standalone md5 checksum calculator, Dolphin's calculator is really slow), and I'd they're the same try redownload ing your netplay builds.
  7. Mawootad

    Can't figure out how to stop desynching

    When are you desyncing?
  8. Mawootad

    Minus Chronicles #1

    I can probably try to do full stream coverage, although I've never really steamed or cast before
  9. Mawootad

    Official Tier List Creation

    Pichu should probably be S tier. Great combo potential, able to score some extremely early kills, and a low dash profile that makes a lot of stuff just not work against him. Has very few negative matchups and a lot of massively positive matchups, including probably the best Falco matchup in Minus.
  10. Mawootad

    Community Request Thread for the next version after 4.0BC

    Looks like a holdover from vBrawl that nobody was aware of because why would that be a thing (it's just Samus that's affected). That will definitely be fixed, it's stupid for it to work like that in the first place.
  11. Mawootad

    Brawl Minus 4.0BC Tier List (Probably Wrong)

    Captain Falcon, Link, and Shiek are questionable in S tier, Pika and Roy should probably be B tier, Mario, TL, and G&W are all A tier, ZSS is at least B tier, and I think Ness is probably C tier. I'm also not sure where Sonic falls; he's generally been considered really broken, but I've never...
  12. Mawootad

    Community Request Thread for the next version after 4.0BC

    You're thinking of gravity, higher weight reduces knockback from moves and has no relation to fall speed. For an easy example, Yoshi weighs significantly more than Fox, but Fox falls significantly faster than Yoshi.
  13. Mawootad

    Trouble trying to get Minus 4.0b working on Dolphin on Mac

    Download Mac Dolphin from Locate your Wii folder that Dolphin is using and copy SD.raw into it. In Dolphin's config menu find "Insert SD" and mark it as true. Find where the default ISO setting is and set it to...
  14. Mawootad

    Trouble Opening Brawl- on Dolphin

    Try pressing A, not Start.
  15. Mawootad

    Stage List for 4.0b Tournaments

    Fountain should not be a starter. It has disproportionately large vertical blast zones and disproportionately small horizontal blast zone. The platform layouts are interesting, but it heavily favors floaty characters and characters with long range vertical recoveries. Similarly Yoshi's Island...
  16. Mawootad

    Spreading Brawl Minus

    Yeah, if you're interested I'd message Pin or make a post in the applications section
  17. Mawootad

    Help me out please. I can't get the new download of 4.0b to work.

    The _MACOSX thing is because Macs are weird, you can ignore that. If you downloaded the main 4.0 public beta download you want to copy the contents of the 4.0 public beta folder onto your SD card so that the codes and private folders are on the root of the SD.
  18. Mawootad

    Spreading Brawl Minus

    If you're interested in making character videos, we could actually use video editors at the moment. While we can do the scripts and voice recordings for a video in a week or two, the footage takes a lot longer and we could really use some more hands working on the character intro videos to...
  19. Mawootad

    Brawl Minus 4.0 Changelog Preview!

    If you think there's a fair amount of discussion to be had, go for it, but not really much need to otherwise. Ice Climbers are mostly held back by their extremely high skill floor coupled with significant vulnerability to Nana being stupid (I have literally won games against Ice Climbers...
  20. Mawootad

    Serious Trouble for a Firsttime Brawl Mod User

    If you're having trouble and want help you're going to need to go into more depth on what you tried and what results you got. The rough steps for running a Brawl mod hacklessly are: Delete all custom stages (including the stages that came with Brawl) from Brawl Download your mod onto your...