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  1. Jankoe

    [Playtester] Jankoe

    1) What region do you live in? Midwest, IA specifically 2) What smash tournament experience do you have? I've entered almost every single brawl minus tournament since 4.0BC 3) What other notable players do you frequently play with? I'm constantly netplaying with other playtesters and top...
  2. Jankoe

    [Moderator] Jankoe

    I'm looking to be a moderator for the discord. I have plenty of time and am always active in the community, I will not abuse any of the powers given to moderators, and do not hold grudges towards volatile people. I want to work hard to prevent annoying spam and extreme breaking of the rules.
  3. Jankoe

    Request Thread For MAX Mode Changes

    Can we bring back vBrawl grab releases? I honestly just see them as another throw that's more situational, I understand why they were removed(mostly invalidated a few characters) but it's MAX mode and we can have these broken vBrawl options
  4. Jankoe

    [Playtester] Jankoe

    TFW Pin asks you to just apply and you did already
  5. Jankoe

    [Playtester] Jankoe

    1)I constantly discuss balance and bugs on the Discord 2) 5th Fair and Balanced 1 2nd Redux Minus 2 7th MC5 7th 7th anniversary tournament 5th MC4 3)I try to encourage netplay and get friends into the mod 4)I don't do much on these but I can upload 5)I am netplaying and active way more than...
  6. Jankoe

    Minus on Smashladder(Anther's Ladder)

    For a while Brawl Minus has been on the to-do list for the ladder team. For them, this is low on the list and set on the back burner. That needs to change, we need Brawl minus on the ladder both for fun and for exposure. Here a petition that should be signed...
  7. Jankoe

    Minus Fools Day

    April first tournament where minus players play their favorite game..... MELEE Yes, most of the community is just having fun with it We are using the faster melee build found on Smashladder here Here is the link...
  8. Jankoe

    Community Request Thread for the next version after 4.0BC

    If you guys are going to nerf Icicles could you at least give ICs better grab range, fix Nana on the ledge or anything?
  9. Jankoe

    Pika's Up-b kills the rat

    Pika's Up-b kills the rat