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  1. Momurderer

    Bowser, King Grappler: A 4.0b feedback thread

    Bowser used to be the only character I played as until a couple of horrible mirror matches... He definitely has some very rough matchups, Toon Link and Olimar come to mind right off the bat. He is a very methodical character and I agree with Longbottom that he relies heavily on reads. A lot of...
  2. Momurderer


    Warlock Punch is almost phasing itself out as folks start turning to competitive play. It just doesn't get used unless the intention is to screw around. I don't really know of any other B moves with the only purpose of just screwing around. Okay so screwing around probably isn't the only...
  3. Momurderer


    I like Ganon the way he is except for WP. Just throwing in my opinion. Project Ganon is just amazing. Also, I don't really think of the 666% damage is the most stand out thing in minus, I'd give the stand out mascot flagship character to Bowser. Bowser is, in my opinion the definition of...
  4. Momurderer

    The state and future of Brawl Minus

    I'm sure it does seem that players have more desire for the game becoming competitive because they don't have to take the time to code that shit and they probably like to talk shit. Sure there are coders even here on the forums but when put into a group to decide what to actually spend you're...
  5. Momurderer

    Community Replays for Character Intro videos!

    A Snake ditto match.
  6. Momurderer


    Is D3's down b useful for anything? It can reposition characters but doesn't offer up any combos or real follow ups other than spit into some waddles or off the ledge. I know D3 is topping the tier and doesn't really need anything else but it would be nice for his inhale to lead into something...
  7. Momurderer

    100 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Brawl-

    #106: Sonic's dash attack can be turned into his side b by pressing b during the dash attack.
  8. Momurderer

    Minus Winter Snowball Brawl Results and Feedback Thread!

    Hey yall I watched the stream and hats off to all of you. There's a sever lack of good players in my neck of the woods, training my wife isn't going so well... DI or die I tell her, geeps. 2scoops and that Lucario where a nice surprise and congrats to Thor. I think that Olimar you fought...
  9. Momurderer

    Zeus May not be Dead

    Looks like fun. Knuckles is my dream character. That Ganon looks crazy. I'd like it if Minus Ganon had a little more mobility options.
  10. Momurderer

    The Gravity of the Situation: Gravity and Minus 4.0b

    So, according to the poll and reading through this thread, it looks like the community is split on the gravity. Have thoughts changed now that we all had some more time with the beta? I can say that the gravity has helped Sonic with his combos and chasing. Stuff just lines up better for him but...
  11. Momurderer

    Zeus May not be Dead

    That's an impressive roster. Any footage or explanation on how these characters play. Even though PM's Knuckles isn't finished he's still pretty polished. I'd be stoked to have Knuckles in Minus but Zeus has me excited.
  12. Momurderer

    December 2015 Community Tier List Results! (And emoticons!)

    Looks snazzy. I do agree with vanity that Charizard can get scary. Maybe when he gets a proper down B then he will move up quite a bit. Also him losing his super armor on f smash for 4.0 settles him down a bit. I think Toon Link edges out Link mainly because of his trap arrows and the stage...
  13. Momurderer

    Can the spam

    I was wondering if there could be some type of deterrent for pikmin spammers. As of now there's nothing to prevent someone from adopting the play style of just run away and keep throwing pikmin. Maybe Olimar could receive slight damage if the pikmin are knocked off before a certain amount of...
  14. Momurderer

    Brawl Minus 4.0b is here!

    Related to Gandouken It would be nice if it came out faster. Maybe Ganon could flash or give some type of visual indication that a Gandouken is ready and then it can be launched at any point before the Warlock Punch comes out giving the move a little timing variation for the player as well...
  15. Momurderer

    New Ideas for Existing Characters (Including New Ideas for Possible Future Projects)

    I like it. Letting him finish the slide in order to Boost back in the other direction is a great idea. I feel like that could help solve the Boost dancing problem that people don't like. One other thought I have is for the full cast. In most other fighting games there are grab cancels that...
  16. Momurderer

    New Ideas for Existing Characters (Including New Ideas for Possible Future Projects)

    If the current team is winding things down and have the goal of balancing stuff for tournament play then I'd have to respectfully say that they have a long ways to go yet. Considering most of us aren't master pros at Minus, due to laggy online play and just a lack of players to gauge against and...
  17. Momurderer

    Adding to the Boost

    Speaking of Peach, I sometimes find it impossible to escape a well timed string of down smashes. It just keeps hitting and tripping me and my attempts to DI out of it are usually futile. Anyone else have this problem?
  18. Momurderer

    Brawl Minus 4.0b is here!

    I originally chose Minus because of the fun, crazy characters, and the lack of a steep learning curve for higher level play (necessary wavedashing, L cancelling, DDing, and all that jazz.) And it still is what it was when I first picked it up. The reasons other people aren't picking it up I...
  19. Momurderer

    Adding to the Boost

    The poll in this thread is worded wrong but I already think everyone knows what to talk about. I've only fought one other person and I can say that he never really had much of a problem with Sonic either. Our matches would usually go either way and I think he's a pretty good player, for sure...
  20. Momurderer

    The "You got outplayed" Thread

    King Dedede does an up B landing on a group of waddles and KOing his opponent.