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  1. TheGameBoyUltimate

    [Playtester] Gold Hakurei

    1) What region do you live in? I live in MW, and can connect to just about anyone in the United States through netplay. Recently played with Cali @ ~under 70 and with NYC @ ~under 70 Get about 60 with everywhere in between (9 buffer is worst case scenario with me) 2) What smash tournament...
  2. TheGameBoyUltimate

    [Playtester] TheGameBoyUltimate

    1) What region do you live in? Midwest 2) What smash tournament experience do you have? I have entered a lot of online tourneys, but have never gone to one As for Minus tourneys, I have a lot of 2nd's, 3rd's, 4th's, and even a 1st and Fair and Balanced 3) What other notable players do you...