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  1. Doqtor Kirby

    Brawl Minus 2.x.6 Netplay Edition - Current release: II

    It has been a hot minute since this was last touched. Maybe nobody will see me drop Netplay Edition II. grab install: extract contents right over existing Minus Netplay install. it won't clobber anything. set 2.x.6 as SD. play.
  2. Doqtor Kirby

    am not ded

    am not ded
  3. Doqtor Kirby

    [24/02] reduX SE No.1: Big Box Saga

    No, I am not dead. reduX SE No.1 Saturday, 24 February, 2018 :: 15:07 PST 18:07 EST Bracket Hey guys, it's Doq, and it's about time I returned to my Minus foray with this gem. I'd finish this bit but I gotta blast so see ya there. DETAILS ON THE BRACKET.
  4. Doqtor Kirby

    Minus Chronicles: Revived Netplay Tourney

    Minus Chronicles: reduX..... Holy shit when's collab?
  5. Doqtor Kirby

    [24/06] reduX Minus III: eluX

    Hey have a few links. Rules are over there. Not quite enough time right now to make a formal thread. See ya there!
  6. Doqtor Kirby

    Connected - Brawl Minus WiFi Tourament

    Other than the obviously glaring problem that neither Ridley nor Lucina are playable, I hope for your success. You're doing what I couldn't do.
  7. Doqtor Kirby

    [4.0bc/2.x.6 NE] [29/04] reduX II: deuX - Featuring Minus 2.x.6 NE

    "Deux" means "two" in French. Pretty witty, huh? reduX II: deuX 2.x.6 Netplay Edition Saturday, 29 April 2017 :: 1:47 PM PST 4:47 PM EST 4.0bc Netplay Saturday, 29 April 2017 :: 4:32 PM PST 7:32 PM EST 4.0bc Brax :: 2.x.6 NE Brax So, recently I rereleased objectively the best Old Minus version...
  8. Doqtor Kirby

    Brawl Minus 2.x.6 Netplay Edition - Current release: II

    There comes a time when you're playing a game and you remember a certain version that you just really grew attached to. You keep it handy for those times you want to feel nostalgic for a change. But there is.... something about that one release that you just can't let go of, despite everybody...
  9. Doqtor Kirby

    [W/N] [25/03] Team REDUX Presents: reduX Minus

    That was.... a lot more successful than I expected. Good stuff. Results: Netplay Overlord: Joeybeta So close: ENB Just can't get there: TEEJ Full results: Wifi Overlord: BladewolfDarknight, because nobody else showed up. I'm inclined to see you all...
  10. Doqtor Kirby

    Minus Fools Day

    What. That "what" didn't even deserve my signature cyan and italics formatting.
  11. Doqtor Kirby

    What's your favourite game?

    Brawl Minus. /thread
  12. Doqtor Kirby

    Planning a PAL version of 4.0bc?

    No. For multiple reasons: - A lot of the codes would have to be ported to PAL. Some of them are nearly infeasible and would be more than tedious. - BrawlEx is not for PAL, so PAL would automatically be dismissed Roy, M2, Pichu, and Waa. And that would desync wifi. - Because PAL has multiple...
  13. Doqtor Kirby

    [W/N] [25/03] Team REDUX Presents: reduX Minus

    Flash 2 Beta can't drop any sooner, but continuity's broken anyway so whatever let's go. We're back. reduX Minus: The Return Netplay Saturday, 25 March 2017 :: 2:32 PM PST 5:32 PM EST Wifi Saturday, 25 March 2017 :: 4:47 PM PST 7:47 PM EST Netplay Brax :: Wifi Brax Kinda....? Well not really...
  14. Doqtor Kirby

    January 2017 - 4.0 Changelog PREVIEW!

    I love this dropoff here like we don't even know who.
  15. Doqtor Kirby

    HOPE / DESPAIR [12 / 13 November]

    Not at the moment, but I should make one of them WiFi. Genius idea.
  16. Doqtor Kirby

    HOPE / DESPAIR [12 / 13 November]

    HOPE / DESPAIR :: Brawl Minus Event DESPAIR Saturday, 12 November, 2016 :: 4:02 PM PST 7:02 PM EST HOPE Sunday, 13 November, 2016 :: 1:47 PM PST 4:47 PM EST HOPE Brax :: DESPAIR Brax _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____ Full...
  17. Doqtor Kirby

    Where are you from?

    The South Pole. actually western oregon
  18. Doqtor Kirby

    Brawl Minus 4.0BC: A New Era!

    gameplay hotpatch launched for console and netplay pick your flavor
  19. Doqtor Kirby

    Brawl Minus 4.0BC: A New Era!!FgxkHZYS!JGscju-hAw51WELPh60qj8LRfIABE-tgyG7r_4BhS1U Brawl art release.!ZlIyzKha!TsgL1tWyC7v2v4yHxzfPx0UiSaKn-uXJIw4RXSKeKrk Minus art release mirror.
  20. Doqtor Kirby

    Brawl Minus 4.0BC: A New Era!!I4g1wRYb!cxJ1VNSbUsLbyr8hThAoTYCZzRQMYW90rmy5b6gbU2s Netplay hotpatch.