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  1. My Man

    Brawl Minus 4.1 Changelog

    So many good fixes in this, but I'm scared to see how Wario's air game will be. Thanks to everyone on the team!
  2. My Man

    4.0BC Waluigi Feedback Thread

    I don't see much use to his down special besides halting aerial momentum. On the ground he does his Hihachi spin and punches, but the startup step doesn't cover enough distance imo for the uppercut to be useful. When he does the leg sweeps, it is cool, but I don't see it doing enough damage, and...
  3. My Man

    Friendly Matches

    Can I get an invite? I'm too new to know where the discord might be posted.
  4. My Man

    Minus 4.0BC Tier list

    Agreed. I love playing Roy. Granted, I've never fought many people that are too good at Brawl minus to say where he stands on a tier list, but he's definitely a good character and his recover is better than some other characters (squirtle, link, fox to name a few)
  5. My Man

    Brawl Minus 4.0b Official Tournament ruleset!

    Why is it that Halberd is a competitive stage? Can't you still go throw the ground? Aren't there also hazards?
  6. My Man

    51 MB too big

    10.1 MB left. This is killing, and I'm sorry you are thinking of something comparable to choosing which body parts your baby can live without.
  7. My Man

    51 MB too big

    So for 4.0BC to fit on my 0.5GB SD card (491 MB), I need to delete approximately 51MB so my SD card will allow me to shove it all in. If i mess around the files and delete random things (because im too poor and lazy to get another SD card) which files should I delete? I'm thinking some stages.