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    We need special tourneys. Like a No Items Fox Only Final Destination tourney, or Sonic Only, or Pich

    -u only. Something to make things crazy and fun, and to show youtube.
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    Bring back his No Sympathy mode and make it epic, but risky.

    The No Sympathy mode was awesome, but it'll need updates for today's metagame.
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    How outdated is the wiki page?

    Specifically, this page.
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    Lavamon Stadium 2

    Would it be possible to take the layout and perfect pure perfection of a frozen Pokemon Stadium 2 with no transitions ever, and then put the lava from Lavaville on it? If so, can we get that in as a "Hold R while selecting Lavaville" thing? Also, can we have the ice variant of Pokemon Stadium...
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    Pikmin throw spam is bad enough, but can we nerf Pikmin Pluck?

    Those that mindlessly spam pikmin throw should be punished for it in some way, like having to slowly build up their pikmin number. Also, was something done to the "Pikmin get stronger over time" mechanic from Brawl?
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    Silver's here!

    Hi, I'm Silver. I came when I saw some Brawl Minus videos, and I'm here because I was told it's more alive than the r/Minusery subreddit on reddit, where I'm known as CleverestPony70. Don't worry about that name, it was part of a dumb thing that'll only make sense if I told you my life story and...