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  1. Farkus

    My Christmas Wishlist for Brawl Minus

    I am starting this new thread to list changes that I would actually like to see in the next build of Minus. Feel free to post your list in the comments. These are changes you actually want, so be serious in your list. 1. Change Fox's short hop back to what it was in 4.0b. Its terrible now...
  2. Farkus

    DDD and other stuff

    I feel like DDD's waddle dees should be nerfed. DDD's waddle dees serve basically the same function as Toon Link's arrows, but are even better. Yet the arrows were nerfed and the dees were not. The waddle dee's cover more space, kill at much lower percent, disrupt enemy attacks better and can...
  3. Farkus

    Can we get more official balancers?

    So apparently, I learned from Elliot the other day that the only people on the balancing team were Pin, Sammi, and sometimes Elliot. While I am sure they are doing their best, that is just not enough to properly balance the game. I have posted issues with balance in the game before and no one...
  4. Farkus

    Minus 4.0BC Tier list

    Hello everyone, since you can now make tier lists for minus on Smash Apps, I decided to make a tier list for 4.0BC using matchup knowledge and tournament placement in 4.0b and then adjusted for the changes in 4.0BC. I hope you guys like it and feel free to comment your opinions on it. Also if...
  5. Farkus

    4.0 Discussion: Lucario's Aura

    How do you guys feel about Lucario's aura? Should it return? Should it be nerfed/buffed? Discuss it here.
  6. Farkus

    How to Handle Character Criticism

    Being A Toon Link player, I have had to deal with a good amount of hate, and I know that there are other people who have switched off of their favorite character because of hate. This is a good video to help anyone struggling with that. So if you are struggling with character hate, then watch...
  7. Farkus

    4.0 Discussion: Sonic's Dair

    Here, use this thread to argue about Sonic's dair now.
  8. Farkus

    Brawl Minus Main Survey

    Hey everybody, I'm doing a quick survey to find out the most popular characters in brawl minus. To do this I made a one question survey, and I would appreciate it if everyone could fill it out. Here is the link. Please only take this survey once per...