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  1. Mawootad

    Kirby Hat Suggestion Thread

    Over the years, many Minus teams have attempted to Minusify Kirby's hats, and all have failed. Well, obviously we haven't learned from them because we're trying again. This time though we finally have all the technology we need, the missing portion is the ideas on what to change. So that's...
  2. Mawootad

    Unofficial Netplay with Minus Guide

    Hey everyone, Dolphin netplay is not (currently) officially supported with Brawl Minus, but it's pretty easy to set up. To do so you'll need four things: Dolphin, suggested version v7490. You must have the same version of Dolphin as the person you're playing with The Minus version that you...
  3. Mawootad

    Let's talk about water

    Hey everyone, we're currently considering changing how water works in B-. From a competitive perspective we think that it's quite obvious that water is a pretty poor mechanic, as the risk posed while swimming is basically non-existent compared to being over the void. From a more casual...
  4. Mawootad

    [Coder] Application

    1) What skills can you provide for the team? (PSA programming, BrawlBox Animation, ASM coding, etc.) PSA Coding I have experience in x86 assembler, so I should be able to pick up PowerPC if you guys absolutely need it. 2) Please provide a sample of your work. (Video, Picture, etc) Kirby's...