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    Crash in SSE (4.0bc)

    Hi guys, haven't been here in a while. Anyways, I don't see a bug report thread for 4.0bc yet, so I'll just document this here. I was playing through SSE to check if it could run stably, and I ran into a crash at the segment in which Lucas meets Pokemon Trainer. This is probably because it's...
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    New Zelda Technique: Telesliding!

    Hello all, and today I wish to share a new technique that I've found for Zelda that I call it: telesliding. Hopefully this isn't an old technique, but first, let me give an example. Did you catch it? If not, the teleslide occurs on the second target I break. You know, when it looks like I...
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    Diddy's Peanuts

    Can we buff Diddy's peanuts? I find them to be incredibly underpowered, especially for Minus. Almost every other projectile destroys them on contact, the hitstun is so low that it's pretty much only a flinch, and sucks against characters with long range or disjointed hitboxes that can easily...
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    Trouble with Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi Error: 60000)

    So, I've been trying to get onto online just to see if I could do so and find my FC again, but... I keep getting Error: 60000, aka, Nintendo Wi-Fi servers are shut down. Now, I've already tried a couple of things. I typically play on the hotfix version of 4.0b, so I decided to use launch-day...