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  1. justadood

    New Ideas for Existing Characters (Including New Ideas for Possible Future Projects)

    New page dedicated to only posting ideas for existing characters, be they radical or benign.. post to your hearts' contents, and i'll continually update the list with the new movesets or move/mechanic changes To start with:
  2. justadood

    Training for joining the team?

    I guess I'd like to be able to be on the team at some point, or at least be able to be given a little work or have the ability to present some ideas I have, BUT I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE!! Dx I tried learning a little from tutorials on brawl vault, but it's so hard to tell what's up to...
  3. justadood


    basically i'm making this thread to show a list of how i think characters genres could be listed to better organize the CSS menu... "Colorful"/Cartoon genre: Swordsmen/Fantasy genre: *pit may go here depending on how to give groups consistent numbers of characters "Serious future"...
  4. justadood

    Ocarina of Time Young and Adult Link (Oneslot)

    i think if young link is put in, it should be the OoT young link, AND adult link, with a master sword taunt-transform... that would be perty cool... moveset wise (or rather item wise) it would make sense to give young link the bombchus instead of bombs and obviously the boomerang should be...
  5. justadood

    Possible Paper Mario movesets

    Hammer and Partner Moveset: in this moveset, paper mario's attacks use his hammer and hammer skills for his smash A attacks, his partners for the majority of his B attacks, and folding moves for other attacks-- for the majority of paper mario's A attacks, the hammer swings they use can...
  6. justadood

    New Ideas For Characters

    This thread will stand to work as a kind of poll based system to come up with moves that could go to new and existing characters to Minus... "This first page will constantly be updated" ^depending on feedback, and all opinions will be addressed and taken into consideration for this list, but...
  7. justadood

    certain stages not working

    i don't know if i downloaded a bad version (), but for a while now, a lot of stages i try to load crash the game: -luigi's mansion -mushroomy kingdom -day (also, the underground one just loads a black screen where the floor and walls and everything are practically invisible, but the characters...
  8. justadood

    ideas for a paper mario moveset..?

    There was a vote earlier about which characters we wanted to see in minus, and the top two winners, (10 votes each) were Paper Mario and Midna with Wolf-Link.. Personally, I voted for paper mario, and I still prefer to see him in brawl than midna+wolf. i guess if midna ends up getting chosen, we...
  9. justadood

    more stages/different types of stages, everything in between

    I kinda wanna see options for stages with subspace enemies. I think if it's possible to incorporate certain enemies into certain stages, maybe put them on the custom stages page, it would make brawl a lot more interesting :) imagine a mushroomy kingdom with koopas and goombas and hammer bros...