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  1. Tybis

    Lethal League; a baseball fighter?

    So I've been watching this game for a few weeks and I thought I'd mention it here. It's basically a 2-4 player fighting game where you can only KO opponents by hitting them with a ball. It's up on Steam now, or you could try out an old prototype of the game to get a basic feel of it first here.
  2. Tybis

    Technique; "Crawldashing"

    Crawldashing; what is it? Crawldashing is basically a psuedo-backwards wavedash resulting from a dash and a crawl. It's been around forever in Minus, but I've never heard anyone mention it until recently. It's especially pronounced with Shiek. After messing around as Zamus for a few rounds...
  3. Tybis

    The Official Match-Making Thread

    Alright, so word's been going around that we don't exactly have a lot of players and what's worse, it's difficult to really get things going in terms of setting up times to fight and etc. We really want to expand the fanbase and also make a relatively accurate tierlist for the game so we need...