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  1. BeepBoopWAH

    Beep boop?

    Beep boop?
  2. BeepBoopWAH

    Brawl Minus 4.0b is here!

    Are there any stages yet planned for B- 4.0 Full when it has the Stage Expansion?
  3. BeepBoopWAH

    Brawl Minus 4.0b is here!

    Please tell me Brawl- will recieve ASL, like Project M
  4. BeepBoopWAH

    Zeus Needs Better Stages

    I love Zeus, but the stage list really annoys me, since there are much better stages that could be put in their place. First of all, there are 7 FD stages. Final Destination, Brawl FD, KC-MM Stadium, Melee FD, HS Intro, Sei-an City, and Budokai Tenkaichi. It's a waste of space. Mushroomy...
  5. BeepBoopWAH

    Is Zeus Dead?

    I hope Zeus isn't dead, I love that mod.
  6. BeepBoopWAH

    Community cBliss Competition!

    How is there no Sonichu yet?
  7. BeepBoopWAH

    Brawl Minus 4.0b is here!

    I went to choose Temple and the picture that popped up was still of Temple Minus, and then when I actually chose it the game just made the buzz of death.