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  1. ThePwnzr

    [PSA] ThePwnzr

    1) What skills can you provide for the team? (PSA programming, BrawlBox Animation, ASM coding, etc.) Intermediate skill in PSA creation/editing, minor BrawlBox texture editing, stage collision creation/editing (I don't know how to edit the polygons that make a stage, though I'm willing to...
  2. ThePwnzr

    4.1 Stage Collisions: (Almost) All of Them!

    Brawl Minus 4.1 Stage Collisions Honestly, I was just bored. Color Code: Red: Ceiling Green: Wall Blue: Normal Floor Yellow: Passable Floor (Platform) Pink: Ledge White: Points where stage collisions connect Want to call me out for being lazy and not doing a stage, or better screenshots...
  3. ThePwnzr

    Fox: Remade! (4.0BC, Fixed 3/21/17)

    Reposted from wrong category (Characters / Fox). Whoops. With this new update, Fox McCloud is ready to combo everyone back into B tier! ...Well, hopefully, at least. Moveset Rework for: Fox McCloud (Hey! Me again! Ya know, frame data guy?) I got really bored with the way Fox works. He's...
  4. ThePwnzr

    Fox's Frame Data/Hitboxes | 4.0BC (Updated 4/7/17)

    THE TRUTH IS HERE! ....Pretty much, at least. UPDATE 4/7/17 Forgot some smash attack start-up numbers. Smash attack frame adjusted. Frame Data for: Fox McCloud Dictionary Frame: 1/60 of a second. ID System: Hitboxes with higher IDs have higher priority. 3 > 2 > 1 > 0. As in, if hitbox 1...