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  1. Doqtor Kirby
    Doqtor Kirby
    am not ded
    1. Darxmarx
      Never ever!
      May 17, 2018
  2. willtheoct
    Dear PinClock, please host more tourneys because I've missed 5 of them from scheduling conflicts - a trashy falcon main
  3. TheGameBoyUltimate
    This is not an important messaGe and should Be ignored by yoU
    1. unrelatedisme123
      Apr 30, 2018
  4. Darxmarx
    Darxmarx Lucis Perficio
    Happy Birthday, Radiant Hero!
  5. _DX_
    Why hello there...
  6. Bent 00
    Bent 00
    Happy 8th Birthday, Brawl Minus!
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  7. Diler
    I can't describe how much I love Kirby in this mod
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  8. fantasyDinosaur
    fantasyDinosaur MelonKeepR
    happy birthday!
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  9. Survivian
    Finally got my Backroomer flag.
  10. Kboomers1918
    I am now head balancer of Brawl Minus
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    2. fantasyDinosaur
      how does it feel to be the head balancer of brawl minus
      Mar 4, 2018
    3. EpicNonBread
      what do you do as the head balancer of brawl minus
      Mar 5, 2018
  11. Darxmarx
    Darxmarx alaserdolphin
    Happy Birthday, local laser dolphin!
  12. MelonKeepR
    *dabs furiously*
  13. Trashisme
    *dabs uncontrolably*
  14. Bent 00
    Bent 00 Darxmarx
    Happy Birthday, Darx!
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    2. Darxmarx
      Thank you!! :D
      Jan 29, 2018
  15. Darxmarx
    I can't bed ;~;
  16. Darxmarx
    Darxmarx Rejnka
    Happy Birthday, local Saleschu!
    1. Rejnka
      oh right i existed
      Jan 24, 2018
    2. Darxmarx
      You did it!
      Jan 24, 2018
  17. Survivian
    1. MelonKeepR
      I like them itty-bitty, teeny-tiny, barely-bouncin' butts.
      Jan 7, 2018
  18. The Big Cheese
    The Big Cheese
    Really dreading going back to school on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Darxmarx
    Darxmarx lgnmcrules
    Happy Birthday, and happy new year!
  20. FalconRPG
    Finally Playing 4.2
  21. Pizza Parker
  22. Danshiro Miiman
    Danshiro Miiman
    Alive and Almost Tolerating It!
  23. player_03
    player_03 Neville
    Can we talk about the six-month necropost cutoff?

    Normally, the problem with necroposts is that they add nothing, and they displace other threads. But in the recently-revived Jigglypuff thread, AGS's post had some useful information, and it displaced nothing. The previous post had been in October!

    The first conversation in two months promptly gets locked. Are you sure that's the message you want to send?
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    2. player_03
      I don't mean to come off as harsh, I'm just hoping you'll consider it.

      And I guess I wanted to see where that thread was going. I've previously tried picking up Puff, and I may try again sometime. Any and all tips will be helpful.
      Dec 26, 2017
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    3. Bent 00
      Bent 00
      I agree, the necropost rule should not apply if the "necropost" is actually useful and revives the thread. That Jigglypuff thread should not have been locked IMO. What's the point of making a new version of it if little has changed? Just revive the old thread.
      Dec 27, 2017
  24. Darxmarx
    Darxmarx The Big Cheese
    Happy Birthday, and soon-to-be Happy Holidays!
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  25. Neville
    Neville AGentleStar
    You're good man, just pay more attention next time.