Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Brawl Minus?

Extract the contents of the downloaded .zip file to the root of your SD card.

Can I use my SDHC card?

Yes, Minus comes with the SDHC extension code, so you must use a launcher to load the game with the proper IOS. See MinimaLauncher.

Can I place my textures on Minus?

Absolutely! You are free to modify, append to, delete whatever file you want.

Error on GeckoOS: Too Many Lines?

Be sure you have included the file "gameconfig.txt" on the root of your SD Card.

My game freezes when I hover over a clone!

In GeckoOS settings, make sure your hooktype is set to AXNextFrame

Do I need Homebrew Channel installed to play this?

Nope! After dragging Minus to the SD card, head over to the Stage Builder and your game should run GeckoOS

Something isn't working right!

First of all, do not overwrite files! Delete your old version and then drag the new minus into your sd card. Format your SD if you have to!

Does Brawl- work with PAL discs?

No. The only way for it to work on PAL region Wii/U's, is getting homebrew and launching an NTSC-U version of the game region free, or USB Loader.